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🔴 Watch Full Fantasy Viggo Mortensen, Ian Mckellen, And Orlando Bloom In The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King (2003) Movie 1080p

watch full fantasy viggo mortensen, ian mckellen, and orlando bloom in the lord of the rings the return of the king (2003) movie 1080p
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Uploaded by: mansfielde
Date: 2020-05-07 08:36:01
Viewed: 67 times - 6 hour, 46 minute, 1 second ago

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. The Return of the King, which I saw in its original language, is a great film. Great. Wow. Battles! Spectacular! Too bad for the cuts but wow. I want the extended version! And I want it now!

OK, this is the short version. For the long version, things are a bit more complicated, especially if you try to say something without revealing anything to those who don't want to know anything in advance so as not to spoil the surprise but at the same time satisfying those who want to know how much the film differs from the book, giving its honest opinion, however, clarifying that it is a subjective judgment, talking about the most exciting scenes but without describing them, in the meantime keeping two saucers spinning in balance on the big toes and four balls full of sand in the air.

Let's start by dividing the readers into those who have not read the book and those who have read it. The latter please refrain from revealing whispers or groans of suffering, which will have all the time after.

Now, regarding the former. Let's see. Let's put it this way: towards the eleven years, however certainly after seeing Star Wars for the first time, I realized that hardly a film ends with the death of the protagonist, the massacre of the Coupons and the triumph of Evil. There are exceptions. Here, to put it gently, there are a whole series of clues from which the scapegoated spectator perceives that The Lord of the Rings does not belong to the category of exceptions. The question is not so much 'Will Our Heroes Succeed' as 'Which and How Many of Our Heroes Will Survive the Triumph of Good'? I didn't upset anyone by surprise, I hope. Nobody here is so naive that ...

... Can you give me another saucer, please? Yes, from that pile. Thanks. Very kind. Yes, the shards in recycling, if you don't mind.

Okay, to preserve something of suspense and surprise, I will NOT reveal which of our heroes falls heroically on the battlefield and who (or how many, little diabolical laughter) in the hot lava, splat - fizzzz! - glub. And whoever falls from very high cliffs. I emphasize only for those who have not understood the subtle allusion that one of the themes of the book is the Fall.

For the rest, I can only say that unlike those who have read the book, about half of whom are in the cinema for an exercise in exquisite masochism ("It wasn't like that in the book! Aaargh! It wasn't like that in the book! It wasn't So in the book! How I suffer! Betrayal! Outrage! Gandalf climbed on horseback from the left in the book!), Those who have not read it (even if they have bought it and even started it or they will start it very soon, I swear) if they go to see this movie they will do it because they liked the first two. In which case he will like this too. So much more. All the things that made the success of the first two come back doubled here, except maybe the fireworks. Pippin is still stupid, Gandalf still takes matters into his own hands with heroic decision (ignore the yelps of pain of the inevitable Friends Who Have Read The Book at this point and allow yourself to applaud with the others) and there are cavalry charges, two, and impressive, and dear that of oliphants, and sieges, and battle. Madonna that battles. The battles are ... let's put it this way: silence those who complain (with some reason) of the absolute physical impossibility and tactical improbability of the battles, especially if they do it next to you while you are watching the film, and enjoy them for that which are: fake. You are in the cinema. What, do you think Sergio Leone's duels were faithful representations of the conflicts in the Far West?

And we come to those who read the book.

Let's say right away (in a defensive tone) that many of the things cut by our flesh viv ... er, from the film, will probably reappear in the extended version, on which sooner or later we will also get our hands. (Looking with a meaningful expression at the effigy of Peter Jackson, from which some darts were removed after viewing the Extended Version of The Two Towers). True?

For those who do not want, or tolerate, the suspense, I will say what the most significant changes are at the end of the review. For the others, I can only confirm that the appreciation of the film will be quite directly commensurate with the degree of fanatical devotion for the absolute respect for the letter of the book. There are no substantial changes, on the other hand.

I will only deny some alarmist rumors: the feared mud duel between Eowyn and Arwen to win Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) is a fairy tale, and so the conversion of Frodo to Buddhism on stage. Galadriel does not dance the seven veils. There is no musical number of female dwarfs en travesti. Hallucinogenic mushrooms do not appear at all, and neither do other psychotropic substances, although it is not entirely clear what exactly hobbits smoke with such enthusiasm.

And we come to the painful notes. Things I didn't like: few in general. First of all, more than in the other two films here I felt the lack of the material that will evidently end up in the Extended Version. Some characters are distorted and diminished, for example Denethor (John Noble). Secondly, I was hoping for a bigger role than Arwen (Liv Tyler), a character who seemed to have been destined to be more active and present than the book's lackluster figurine. Things that will not please the most devoted Tolkienians: and here we reveal a lot of things, so if you don't want to know them, stop reading now.

A short moment of entertainment while a part of the reading audience goes away ... admire the balls ... four at a time, notice ... clockwise and ... oooo ... plà! Counterclockwise. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, thank you.

Going in order: as we now know, the final appearance of Saruman and his Voice has been cut. The origin and meaning of the palantir therefore remain somewhat obscure. The presence of other palantirs, including those of Barad-dûr and Minas Tirith, is kept silent and therefore the reason for Denethor's mad despair appears, who seems to be simply an old mad and evil man, not a lucidly desperate man. Gimli is still the fool (which I do not mind but many yes, please observe the separation between opinions and facts, saucer spinning, thank you gentlemen). Anduril is brought to Aragorn but not by an army of Raminghi accompanied by the children of Elrond (Hugo Weaving). The arrival of the Black Ships is slightly simplified. The request for help to Rohan does not start from Denethor but is provoked by Gandalf (Ian McKellen) with a trick (in one of the most exciting and spectacular scenes of the film, however) And the entire episode of the Houses of Healing, with the Athelas and the healing power of the Kings and the love story between Eowyn (Miranda Otto) and Faramir (David Wenham), poof !, disappears into thin air. (Zac! Dart in the effigy of Peter Jackson).

But other than that: Wow. Great movie. (Generalized collapse of saucers and balls: crash, pong-pong-pong-pong)

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