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🔴 Watch & Stream Ciaran Hinds, Rupert Grint, And Emma Watson In Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011) Full Movie 4k

watch & stream ciaran hinds, rupert grint, and emma watson in harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 (2011) full movie 4k
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Uploaded by: emilioe
Date: 2020-05-07 10:52:30
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Exactly ten years after the first film, the successful Harry Potter saga ends by saying goodbye to its audience of avid fans around the world with dizzying numbers: box office records in America for the first weekend of screenings, almost 169 million dollars obtained , plus 400 million share already touched globally. Warner Bros.'s decision to split the adaptation of J.K.'s latest book in two Rowling and converting the second part to 3D has been commercially successful, then the artistic result is another thing.

The film opens exactly where Part I ended, with the death of the goblin Dobby and the discovery of the elder wand, the most powerful magic wand in the world, which ended up in the hands of Voldemort. We are immediately thrown into history without even a small preamble, demonstrating that the adaptation of the most divided book has been practically cut. You enter the story by force, dribbling one of the focal points when creating a screenplay and a film: the construction of the climax. Given this, however, the rest of the film is certainly a joy for the fans of the saga, we never have slowdowns of pace or dead times (one of the great defects instead of The Deathly Hallows Part I) the action travels sent like a train reaching the emotional climax in the eagerly awaited face to face between Harry and Voldemort. Each character appears on the screen, even if for a few seconds, but when you can afford in the cast practically all the gotha ​​of English cinema, a few frames are still fine. Fans of the book will be delighted to see the much-loved pages read and re-read who knows how many times materialize before their eyes, fans of the film saga will be shocked by many revelations and fascinated by a story told and well explained. Great credit goes to David Yates who as a director literally practiced with Harry Potter (he directed the last four films of the series) and to the director of photography Eduardo Serra for keeping the visual spirit of the two parts intact: you can breathe the same atmosphere of the latest films that is not made only of dark tones but also of austere, decadent scenography and a dull photograph on the blue and gray colors that accompanies the hint of imminent end perceived during the vision.

Unfortunately, some defects remain above all from a structural point of view, because this Deathly Hallows Part II is a good film but at the same time paradoxically a wasted opportunity: Warner Bros didn't have the courage to give up a few million dollars necessary to make drastic choices such as making a single film based on the last book maybe 3 hours and even more, it did not have the audacity to do this to cut some non-fundamental scene (and instead of some cut it would have benefited the rhythm of Part I as already mentioned) also for fear of the fans of the book who cannot stand, the most avid and obsessed, to see some scenes cut or something less faithfully adapted (which, moreover, normally happens in most film transpositions from novels ). Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows united could have been an almost masterpiece, certainly an unforgettable work in the fantasy genre, full of remarkable elements with powerful scenes and a basic narrative coherence, so instead we are faced with "only" two good films.

As already clarified, the technical aspect is very accurate, formally impeccable: David Yates has matured film after film and now follows the story with a firm hand, of photography and scenography we have already said, and the special effects this time are more amazing than usual not limiting himself more to depicting the execution of simple spells. The cast is always up to par, many well-known and talented faces have a few seconds but they masterfully manage to pierce the screen (I think of Gary Oldman or Michael Gambon) even Alan Rickman with a couple of scenes available manages to give immense depth to the controversial Severus Snape's character revealing all his tragedy. Ralph Fiennes, however, is the real matrix who takes full advantage of the greater number of minutes compared to the other colleagues: used to playing big villains, he transforms his Voldermort into a powerful and fascinating figure in his desire for destruction, no longer just disturbing and mysterious, behind the trick her unrecognizable face gives an incredible warmth to her performance. The three protagonists are more or less always the same in strengths and weaknesses: once again Emma Watson is confirmed as the most gifted of the trio, excellent and always intense even when we find her on the margins of the shot (also with Rupert Grint continues to create a greater and more evident alchemy than the couple Radcliffe-Wright / Harry Potter-Ginny Weasley) while Daniel Radcliffe, despite having immense emotional material available, probably the best compared to the other films for revealing the inner torments of his character, he cannot reach the right depth. And by the way, we must also open a small parenthesis on Italian dubbing: it is often said with a pinch of parochialism that our voice actors are the best in the world, but voluntarily forgets to add that in reality we are one of the very few countries that doubles films, so the competition is really low. Nothing to say about the voices of the adult cast of the outline, but the voices of the three young protagonists fail to give depth to the words, sometimes resulting monotonous especially in the case of Harry Potter. Big blame probably goes to the casting of the voice actors who back in 2001 chose the voices thinking that Harry Potter was a movie for children and not imagining (obviously not knowing the importance of the project already starting given by Warner Bros) that then the young voice actors , although perhaps wanting to do more over the following years, they would have been forced to return film after film because now with the fans already loyal they could no longer replace.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II is a very good film despite all the problems resulting from a hasty division of adaptation and yet another disappointing 3D. Here, it seems a constant now, but even in this case 3D is more a commercial expedient (not surprisingly in America the majority of spectators, almost 60% of the tickets sold, preferred normal 2D projections) and it is a big shame, because during the film when they remember being able to exploit it the technique works and the film lent itself very much to three-dimensionality. To close we say that, despite being the final film this does not seem the right place to draw conclusions on the entire saga, but one thing is certain: Harry Potter is something unique and perhaps unrepeatable in the history of cinema, a big operation fully a success in which the style of the films themselves, the cast actors and the spectators have grown and matured together year after year, practically entering people's lives. And surely this is one of the best spells managed by the most famous wizard in the world.

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