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🔴 Watch Best Film Onnie Wright, And Oliver Phelps In Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (2009) Full Movie Hd Stream

watch best film onnie wright, and oliver phelps in harry potter and the half blood prince (2009) full movie hd stream
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Uploaded by: kai
Date: 2020-05-08 11:01:16
Viewed: 61 times - 5 hour, 19 minute, 1 second ago

The sixth book of the Harry Potter saga, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is undoubtedly the one I liked the most: full of events, it not only introduces the horcrux that will be so fundamental in the last book, but it makes disappear a reference figure for Harry and his companions, makes a remarkably dark turn to the ever present Draco Malfoy, and above all reveals the true (?) nature of another crucial character of the saga : Severus Snape. So, you wonder, did I also like the film directed by David Yates released in 2009 based on that book that I loved? No, not really. Here because.

Maybe it's a question of expectations: I expected a film at the height of the book and instead ... There is a sidereal distance between the two. There is almost nothing left of the emotions that the book gave me, nor of its rich contents. It is clear that the film aims to tell the only story of Draco and his misdeeds, which he does very well, but forgetting all the rest. The unforgivable thing for me is the ending that betrays everything we have learned about Harry, who manages not to excite despite the end of nothing less than Albus Dumbledore! Even the revelation of who the half-blood prince is comes almost by chance and leaves the viewer puzzled that he has not been able to understand the importance of the Prince's book which appears to be used by Harry only in two or three scenes.

Even more than in the previous films, the absence of everyday school life here emerges as an unforgivable flaw since the film cannot adequately convey the shock of having Snape at the Defense against the dark arts chair, as the role is almost absent played in the plot by Harry's sudden prowess in creating potions and the resulting closeness to Professor Slughorn (Jim Broadbent).

The feeling is that a golden opportunity has been thrown away: with such a rich and strong base material, a mediocre task of an equally mediocre director comes out who does not leave his mark and who completely fails to create what should have been be the highest emotional peak of the whole saga! We had already played badly on the death of Sirius Black hastily performed in Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix, but here Yates exaggerated relegating the death of Dumbledore to a series of very incisive scenes. So after the two successful Columbus films (the philosopher's stone and the chamber of secrets), the excellent third chapter of Cuarón, the good fourth movie of Newell, the arrival of Yates in the control room leads to a brutal drop in quality very evident in the weak fifth film and unfortunately also in this sixth, perhaps better than the previous one (but with a decidedly lower end), but still disappointing.

And speaking of the ending ... how can we believe Harry that, fully capable of moving and making magic, he remains in control and does nothing to try to help his mentor who is about to be killed by the death eaters? In the book, Harry couldn't do anything because he was paralyzed! Instead in the film version we have to believe a Harry who holds himself back, who is holding back his instincts! He is not the character we know and love! No, come on, I was hoping that a new vision would send me more and instead the opposite happened. And now on with the ending of the saga broken up into two different films for reasons I don't understand ... But we'll talk about it in the next review, bye!

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