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🔴 Watch Best Thriller Isabella Rossellini And Kyle Maclachlan In Blue Velvet (1986) Full Movie 4k

watch best thriller isabella rossellini and kyle maclachlan in blue velvet (1986) full movie 4k
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Uploaded by: tobee
Date: 2020-05-08 18:12:40
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A controversial thriller with countless facets; an apparent yellow based on a controversial story to say the least… the origins of Blue Velvet (here the explanation) probably lie in the childhood of David Lynch himself, when he spent a lot of time in the woods of Spokane, a similar area of ​​the Northwest USA to that of the film.

The blue velvet plot revolves around the protagonist Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) who returns to his hometown to assist his father, hit by a stroke. Back from the hospital, the boy will find a severed human ear near an isolated garden. Stunned by the unusual find, he collects the macabre artifact and takes it to a police detective; on the occasion, he meets Sandy, with whom he establishes an agitated intimate relationship. Taking advantage of the parental bond, the young woman will involve the young man in an escalation of very dangerous vicissitudes that will lead him to the Blue Velvet, the famous nightclub where the handsome Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) performs.
For Lynch there was a very precise "autobiographical level" in Blue Velvet, which started from the character of the protagonist until it resulted in the context in which he was involved.

The symbology - as always, moreover - is the most identifying connotation of the director, introduced - also in this case - in this dystopian noir with decidedly macabre outlines. In fact, for the director, the severed ear was a perfect way to bring the young protagonist into a microcosm located in the epicenter of the film. Together with him, the same public spectator remains inebriated by a seductive staging, - at times dreamlike - which sees as active interpreters a powerful cast, led by a histrionic Kyle MacLachlan flanked by a charming Isabella Rossellini, by an empathetic and " morigerata ”Laura Dern up to the improbable - not to say dark - Dennis Hopper.

Technically, Blue Velvet presents a fine photographic sophistication, in total synergy with history, characters and above all the atmosphere; the latter is the "resource" that predominates most of all in the film.

A well-known stylistic surrealism, now incorporated in David Lynch's "cinematographic semantics". A narrative complexity unique in its kind, almost innovative, which has brought a very particular concept of making cinema. Lynch destroys and then recreates; Blue Velvet is based on intuitions, on clear stylistic excesses deriving from the more than visionary mind of a director who has always been looking for novelty, initially denying a genre classicism which is then implemented with its various stereotypes.

Superfine voyeurism, each frame that justifies the cause to the effect, the daring vicissitudes that animate the story, a persuasive musical escalation and the "powerful" dream component, are the different factors that disturb but that fascinate the viewer at the same time.
David Lynch "orchestra", the audience empathically incorporates the "symphony". A crazy, almost incredible stylistic proof that places Blue Velvet as one of the most remarkable cinematographic works ever.

Blue Velvet is a film written and directed by director David Lynch. In the cast Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern, George Dickerson, Hope Lange, Priscilla Pointer, Dean Stockwell, Jack Nance, Angelo Badalamenti, Frances Bay, Brad Dourif, Jack Harvey, Ken Stovitz.

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