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🔴 Watch 4k Streaming Morgan Freeman In The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Full Movie

watch 4k streaming morgan freeman in the shawshank redemption (1994) full movie
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Uploaded by: marcelluse
Date: 2020-05-09 19:32:37
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A film based on the IMDb website is ranked first from "IMDb top 250" alias has been named the best film of all time. Beat many classic films such as "The Godfather", "Citizen Kane", "Cassablanca", to "Pulp Fiction" which were both released in 1994. The film is based on Stephen King's novel entitled "Rita Hayworth and Shwshank Redemption". The film also won 7 Oscar nominations (including Best Picture and Best Actor for Morgan Freeman) despite failing to win. And indeed it is appropriate that this film gets the title as one of the best because after the film ends I not only get entertainment and quality film treats but also life lessons that are quite striking.

Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) was sentenced to a sentence for allegedly killing his wife and cheating. Although denying no murder, there is plenty of evidence that points to him. Andy then served his sentence in a prison named Shawshank. There he befriended one of the senior inmates who had been languishing for more than 20 years named Red (Morgan Freeman). Red is also a person who is able to provide all the needs of other prisoners from outside such as cigarettes etc. Although he still felt he was innocent and should not be imprisoned, Andy did not fall into despair. He instead tried to build life in the prison.

He began a close relationship with many inmates. Even with his intelligence he was able to build a library in Shawshank to be the best than any other prison. His intelligence is what attracts the attention of the warden, Norton (Bob Gunton). Andy, who was originally a smart bank employee, was asked to help the jailer's dirty business. But it turned out that Andy did not only to foster good relations but also because he had a plan. A secret plan that even Red the best friend didn't know about until it was implemented.

How this film is presented is extraordinary. A good film that uses a medium tempo plot in which uses dialogue that is actually light but very meaningful. No need to use heavy dialogue or pretentious intelligence that sometimes impresses patronizing, this film chooses to use dialogue that can be considered simple (the right decision considering the setting of the film in prison) but able to provide deep meaning and impression. As one of the most familiar simple sentences from this film, which is "Get busy livin 'or get busy dyin'".

Attachment to the audience with the story and characters in this film can be woven well. We will feel lost and feel the same feelings when a character leaves. Such as when the character of Brooks is free, we will also be taken to feel lost and at the same time feel the same loneliness that Brooks experienced. See also what this film is trying to show. That the name of freedom is relative. It could be someone actually feels free and valuable in a place that does not give freedom of sorts in prison. But people can actually feel constrained and feel lonely and worthless in the outside world where they should be able to breathe free air. Depending on how the person is able to interpret and utilize the freedom he can. And of course there are also lessons not to be afraid to put high hopes and dreams.

Scenes that are here are able to be displayed precisely. The decision not to emphasize excessive violence in prisons has both positive and negative sides. The positive, this film does not lead to displaying the suffering of the characters clearly but more psychologically where we will feel a deeper meaning. But there is also a negative side which is arguably the only drawback that I feel in this film. I don't really understand what makes prisoners feel depressed. The warden who is cruel to me is still lacking because the overall atmosphere of the prison is peaceful. That is somewhat obscuring the meaning of "gray freedom" that this film tries to raise. Because the description is too lame between prison and the outside world. But I admit that I was able to build a feeling that is in harmony between the audience and the characters in it so that we can also feel what they feel.

Conclution: Ends with a touching ending without having to lecture and present an inspiring climax scene, "The Shawshank Redemption" manages to display a depicting meaning of life as well. Don't be surprised if in each scene you will feel a different and maximum "emotional sensation".

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