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🔴 Watch Online Robert Downey Jr In The Avengers (2012) Free Full Movie

watch online robert downey jr in the avengers (2012) free full movie
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Uploaded by: bud
Date: 2020-05-10 05:52:18
Viewed: 60 times - 1 day, 7 hour, 27 minute, 42 second ago

The wait of about four years is finally over. Of course everyone from comic lovers to ordinary movie buffs like me was so surprised when in the Iron Man movie credit-scene appeared Nick Fury who said about the Avengers Initiative. It was then that the ambitious super project from Marvel to combine apra superheroes in one film began. I myself am quite enthusiastic waiting for The Avengers even though the pessimism was haunting at first. Putting together a lot of superheroes means that there will be a lot of characters who appear and they have to get a balanced portion, and that's certainly not an easy thing. When the director's chair fell to Joss Whedon I was still not very optimistic even though he was the creator of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and a comic lover and had been the author of several volumes of X-Men comics. Okay, I'm sure he will be able to satisfy comic lovers who watch his films, but is he able to satisfy audiences who aren't comic lovers? But my optimism began to soar when the film whose script was written by Whedon, Cabin in the Woods received extraordinary praise. Okay that's a horror movie but at least it proves Whedon's capacity as a reliable script writer. Especially when the review for The Avengers majority positive where for Rotten Tomatoes the film reached 93%. So will the long wait pay off?

The basic story is normal and not complicated, namely regarding Loki's efforts (Tom Hiddlestone) who still harbored ambitions as a king to spread chaos on Earth and make mankind submit to him. For this reason he tried to master the unlimited power contained in the Tesseract which we previously used as a weapon used by Hydra in Captain America: The First Avenger. The object itself is now owned by S.H.I.E.L.D and is being researched by Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) under the supervision of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). After Loki succeeded in capturing the Tesseract, the Earth was threatened with destruction because Loki apparently intended to bring in "troops" to attack the Earth. When the existing power was felt to be unable to match Loki, then the Avengers project which had stopped was carried out where superheroes that I don't need anymore I mentioned one by one began to be collected. But it turns out they have to face not only the evil intentions of Loki and thousands of his troops but also the clash of egos of each of these superheroes.

The story in The Avengers clearly characterizes summer films that are light and not hard to digest. But Joss Whedon's manuscript makes the light story not stale and weighty. I myself am one of many people who consider The Dark Knight the best superhero film of all time. But I myself cannot deny that the Nolan film is thicker in crime nuance and deliberately made more realistic so that the comic elements are not too thick, and I think comic lovers need a comic film adaptation that is not only quality but also light and has thick comic elements. So far, Marvel films (only those included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) have always been nuanced like that in the sense of light, easy to digest, not dark but still weighty. And The Avengers is indeed the peak. Joss Whedon really knows what is expected by all groups of his audience. Finally, this film becomes a film with a light atmosphere, not dark, has a scene of action that is excited and effects that spoil the eyes, light dialogues and lots of humor but not memorable cheap, and most importantly, this film does not spread explosions like Michael Bay films but also have a heart.

Honestly when the film opened I really felt less excited. The Avengers opened boringly until Loki finally appeared and the tension slowly rose. Then for about an hour more than Joss Whedon unexpectedly dared to show what is often forgotten by blockbuster filmmakers, especially if it is not extracting conflict between characters. Each character here has explored his background through their respective films, so what is now displayed is a conflict about the union of the ego when they have to become a team. Each of them has an ego and personal interests that they stand for. For more than half our duration will be shown in these conflicts so that when the superheroes finally begin to abandon their personal egos and unite as a team, the satisfaction felt by the audience is far greater. Just imagine if Whedon was lazy to display the conflict and chose an instant approach by directly combining the superheroes without conflict between personal and they were immediately compact plunged into battle. Surely it will taste bland.

But the conflict will once again not go well if each character does not have a strong characterization. Tony Stark is clearly a person with a super big ego, at will and certainly a "comedian" in the team. Whereas Steve Rogers the Captain America was able to show he deserved to be a leader and undermine my doubts about whether Rogers in this case Chris Evans was able to display the charisma that could make him look fit to be a leader. Because what I have been worried about is if Downey Jr. with Tony Stark's character who will most "look". Thor with his god style is no less typical and fortunately here he does not look as stupid as in the film itself. Black Widow and Hawkeye broke down my doubts about "what's the point of two ordinary people joining a group of superheroes?" They took turns showing their prowess, especially Black Widow as an interrogation expert. But the main star is Mark Rufallo as the Hulk. His approach to the Bruce Banner character is different from Edward Norton and Eric Bana. Here Banner is more mature and starts to be able to control the monster inside him. And when he became a Hulk and fought, the spotlight turned to him. Hulk is a star in the climax of this film. So brutal, cool and fierce. But don't forget the minor characters like Agent Coulson who can always steal the attention and Maria Hill with her extraordinary beauty.

One of the things that is much criticized from this film is about its humor. Indeed there are so many inserts of humor here. But that doesn't make the Avengers look silly and like a bunch of clowns. Humor often arises from the words of the right momentum. The cuteness that is displayed with non-verbal scenes is also fitting. But it must be admitted that there are some who miss but it does not bother. For me, the level of humor in this film is right on the border of serious / ridiculous, in the sense that if added again it will be ridiculous and not serious, but fortunately the dose is right so it does not fall there. After all, the humor works so well that apart from the opening there are no more boring moments in almost two and a half hours of this film. Meanwhile, another thing criticized about Loki who was considered less threatening as a super villain was not wrong but also not entirely true. Loki is indeed more towards criminals who threaten with psychological tactics. But clearly he still looks weak and less threatening. Compare with The Joker who also uses psychological but the action is also threatening. I hope Thanos will be even more "dangerous" in the sequel to The Avengers.

It is precisely what I regret the most is the set-pieces of the action which are still less epic. For regular action film sizes, the climax scene in The Avengers is enough, but for the size of the film that has been waiting for four years the climax offered is still felt less epic and less tense. I hope that the climax is emotionally draining, but once again it might be due to the lack of threat from the existing villas that makes the moment less exciting. I need an atmosphere where the Earth is truly threatened and hopelessly the Avengers come so heroically and save the world. But anyway I still think that moment has entered Marvel's long-term plan that is not impossible to appear in sequels to The Avengers. In the end, congratulations to comic lovers all over the world. Your dreams have all been realized beautifully in this film by Joss Whedon. Don't worry if there are negative reviews for this film. Watch it, this is the movie you've been waiting for. For those who are not comic lovers, just keep watching this movie and just enjoy the fun that is scattered throughout almost two and a half hours its duration will not feel long. Not as epic as my expectations but still very satisfying entertainment. Maybe it's not a film that will be in my top-10 at the end of the year but judging by the length of the review that I wrote, it's clear that The Avengers will be the film that I will be talking about the most throughout the year.

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