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🔴 Watch Superhero Robert Downey Jr And Tom Holland In Spider Man Homecoming (2017) Full Movie 1080p Hd

watch superhero robert downey jr and tom holland in spider man homecoming (2017) full movie 1080p hd
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Uploaded by: clifforde
Date: 2020-05-10 06:06:17
Viewed: 64 times - 17 hour, 34 minute, 56 second ago

Spider-Man is one of the most famous superhero out there. We've seen different reincarnation over time, many different cartoons, comics and even movies. But in the core, there is a "true" Spider-Man version, based on 70s and 80s comics. Both 80s and 90s cartoons were adaptations of those adventures. 90s cartoon had more modern and better art style and animations, Therefore, most fan take it as the most faithful adaptation of the comics.

Spider-Man movie made by Sam Raimi had its polemical issues, like organic web shooters. With the second movie, he sorted the bad aspects of the first movie and only amplified the good aspects, and created a really good movie with the spirit of classical adventures. But at the third movie, he went into a wrong direction and it become the downfall of his series.

When Sony wanted to reboot the series instead of a new sequel, they created a version more faithful to the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books. That movie was not bad, it was fun, but it was not "the classic Spidey" and there were mixed reactions for this one. Gwen Stacy in this movie was so good that they wanted to recreate the classic story about her for the second movie. But that movie failed hard, harder than the Spider-Man 3, even if it was not that bad.

Sony had to reboot Spider-Man once more. This time, they went to Marvel for their help. But Marvel had its plans about "new version of Spider-Man". They were pushing Miles Morales FOR A LONG TIME. In their mind, "real Spider-Man should be Miles Morales". Therefore they were mocking with the Peter Parker for a time. For example Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. They alienated their own fans with that cartoon and cancelled creatively beautiful version of Spectacular Spider-Man just for that cartoon.

When this two forces collide, we got the Spider-Man: Homecoming. Everyone loves this movie, praises it, even in IMDb everyone believes this is the "best spidey" since the beginning of time. Why? Because Marvel tell us so. We must obey them and praise this shitty version of him.

Don't get me wrong. I also was hyped during the Civil War movie. We've seen a part of him there, it reminded us the Classic Spider- Man especially with that cool costume.

However, they changed the "Classic" image in the movie really really much.

One of the problem in the movie, they are trying very hard to be "SJW-friendly". Most of the cast changed into "People of Colors" and of course that means African American or Mexican people. America believes "People of Colors" only means African American and Mexican. And of course, this is the current year, so, they put PoC everywhere. Flash Gordon, that "white supremacist" looking bully? Yes, he is a PoC hipster now. Liz, love interest of Peter Parker, of course PoC. Sidekick for Peter? Of course PoC. What about a MJ substitute, definitely PoC.

Don't get me wrong, I don't expect a yellow hair blue eyes white supremacy idealism in the movie. But I also don't want modern day politics pushed even above Spider-Man. We didn't have to hear how producers of this movie disapproves slavery by a very planned dialogue. Please leave us from your forced politics.

This is because Marvel changed this movie into a "Disney XD" show. Even the "Aunt May" changed into a Disney XD style MILF mom. Where is our beloved Aunt May? Nowhere. This is the current year, old is outdated and hipster is the new cool.

"OK cut the crap man, we understood you hate the SJW politics, What about the Spider-Man?" Sadly this Spider-Man version is even worse. He turned into whipping boy for Iron Man and his enemies. The famous loner Spider-Man is now an errand boy for Tony Stark. Every time he talks with his phone, movie feels like to do forced and rushed jokes to "entertain" its young audience. No, Spider-Man you are not funny, cartoon adaptation of this movie is even less funny. After all these years, we still stuck at high school level. Even in comic books, he finished high school very early and started a young adult life. Even 80s cartoons and 90s cartoon happens in that period. But hey, we need to do Spider-Man a teenager just to appeal teenagers. Right?

The worst part of this movie is, following the modern movie style: everything is so staged, timing is planned and nothing happens natural. This stupid trend makes the movies artificial and synthetic. And it destroys the immersion for the audience.

If you really believe this is the Best Spidey, then please at least go and watch the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.

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