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🔴 Watch Best Adventure Pierce Brosnan, Famke Janssen, And Martin Campbell In Goldeneye (1995) Full Movie Hd

watch best adventure pierce brosnan, famke janssen, and martin campbell in goldeneye (1995) full movie hd
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Date: 2020-05-10 09:34:59
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GoldenEye is the seventeenth film starring the world's most famous secret agent. Released in 1995 following a major advertising campaign, it has the objective merit of having attracted a new generation of fans to the world of Bond thanks not only to the film itself, but to everything that has revolved around it: think of the famous video game for the Nintendo 64, defined by many as one of the best shooters of the time; a phenomenon that does not end here in the video-gaming field but continues to the present day, with a remake of the video game itself. Much success cannot depend only on the film itself, certainly of quality, but also not a masterpiece of action, as one might think and still far from the first films with Connery for quality and pathos. Various reasons then, certainly also dependent on an unusual period of absence of the James Bond character from the screens after the flop at the box office of the undervalued License to Kill (translated by us "Private Vendetta" so as not to create confusion with the first of the saga).

It was not only the poor box office result, however, that delayed the release of a new film about the secret agent in the service of his majesty, but various legal disputes of companies that own the copyright on the Bond brand.
Dalton actually had to impersonate 007 again given his contract for three films, but fed up with the situation he decided to leave the role. The production then decided to contact an actor who was already supposed to impersonate Bond in place of Dalton himself but who at the time had to refuse because under contract with a TV series: Pierce Brosnan.


What is striking about Brosnan is that he seems born to play the role; mind you, it was impossible for a saga that has been going on for many years to find an unsuitable Bond and this affects. Even those who have only played it once, like George Lazenby, are regretted by many fans with some participation. There are those who have practically invented this style which will be compared with all the others (Connery); who has shown a more human and fragile side (Lazenby); those who veered on the typically British humor and light side (Moore); then Dalton tried again to humanize Bond, but unfortunately it was not understood at the time and only now critics are surprised at how he was not rightly exalted for the excellent actor he was.

But if the humanized side of Bond in the cinema had little success until the arrival of Daniel Craig (for myself the best 007 after Connery), it is true that Brosnan enters the role with a sophisticated, natural, elegant ease. In this sense, he collects the witness of Roger Moore, but he smoothes the lighter sides with a humor that certainly dampens even dangerous situations, but which also show an imperturbable, practical and more vulnerable side. If Moore had to be found faulted, it was little cynicism; in the long run his Bonds have become half specks. The defect of the films in the series with Brosnan are attributable solely to the screenplays, so much so that he has always been the one to pull the cart and save himself in subtle, practical and sensual interpretations.


To underline the trend of modern times, sensual women dance and destroy sickles and hammers, while the powerful voice of Tina Turner sings with the well-known elegant, who always adapt to the historical main titles, this time with music written by Bono and The Edge of U2.


The script, written by Michael France, has to deal with a world that has changed: Bond inevitably should theoretically change with it. But it's just a chimera. The enemies are always the reds, the Russians, "Goldeneye is yet another mcguffin to enjoy reckless stunts and events as far as possible. The satellite that threatens to destroy the world is a choice as much as called and trivial, and in this 007 "Goldeneye", however, is also the first of the saga not to be taken from a novel or story by Fleming, writer and creator of the character; affectionately, however, right from the title, winks at 007's dad: "Goldeneye" it is in fact the Jamaican villa where the writer wrote all the novels starring James Bond. A few hints of novelties in the script can be seen in other small details: if it is true that the enemies are the Russians, it is true that this is the first Bond to go to the cinema after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the historical upheavals that followed. Many were even opposed to revitalizing the myth of 007, seen as an icon of the past that no longer had any reason to be stere. But perhaps like many icons the hero now lives a life of his own, almost pushed by inertia to the popularity that followed after the release of the film. People were not and are not tired of Bond after all, albeit with a perhaps not entirely successful modernization of his myth yet damn fascinating anyway.


They never fail; like cars (here the classic Aston Martin, a Ferrari and a BMW), the martini with ease but not mixed, there is no film about 007 without "his" women. In this respect, however, "GoldenEye implements a successful modernization.

There is Natalia Simonova, a Russian computer programmer who follows the grace and beauty of the many who have preceded her and will follow her. Then Bond with the Russians has always had a special relationship: it is no coincidence that "our" Daniela Bianchi was the second bond girl after Andress in "From Russia with Love", and Izabella Scorupco in beauty is certainly one of the women more fascinating than the saga with the admixture of that fragility combined with recklessness and resourcefulness that make the girls of 007 something more than simple male-dominated objects.

There is another great novelty in the world of 007, a novelty that will also go through the reboot with Daniel Craig: the new M. Anzi, the new M, played by a woman under the advice of the then head of the MGM who threw the idea as if by chance without knowing that it would prove to be one of the most beautiful and truly revolutionary choices of a saga often too attached to tradition. Judi Dench gives the MI6 chief a feminist imprint of a career woman, with children and without hair on the tongue: in her debut she does not hesitate to define Bond as a "residual sexist dinosaur of the Cold War". It is perhaps the subtle reference to a 007 that should no longer be called a spotless hero, indeed an anti-hero. The theory also confirmed by some sentences of villain 006 on Bond's conscience.

A new Moneypenny is also back with which 007 filters with elegance as usual, actress with a particularly appropriate name: Samantha Bond.
Finally, Xenia Onatopp, an exaggeratedly erotic Famke Janssen, must necessarily be mentioned; he is one of the symbolic characters of the saga, which despite the omnipresent censorship that has cut here and there even in this GoldenEye makes its way making it a sort of icon. It is rare to find in the mainstream contemporary cinema such a woman, one of the most particular villains of 007. Perhaps the forbidden erotic dream of Bond and many boys, a woman who kills with sex and her own legs. As well as one of the biggest nightmares / perversions, that of dying between the legs of a woman who is having sex with you, but who with those thighs takes your breath away until you kill yourself. To give an idea of ​​the grotesque strength of this epochal character, just look at the duels with 007 which instead seem to be halfway between a sexual relationship and an attempt at suffocation. Or simply stay with your eyes wide open when shooting everything that moves in practice Xenia has an orgasm that is not too simulated. Excited by death, fascinating but very dangerous: a very particular black widow ...


Sean Bean is 006 / Alec Trevalyan; with a little more space they could have made Bond's perfect nemesis: secret agent like him but moved by different purposes. Former friends who now fight to the death for ideals to opposites. Unfortunately, there is too much meat on the fire and its role comes out much more downsized than it could have been.
Orumov, on the other hand, is a half-speck, necessary to put the sticks in the wheels at 007 and allow him to chase him with the tank in the middle of a fascinating Petersburg, but mostly useless in the rest and with very little charisma.
Alan Cumming, on the other hand, is Boris, a slap-faced programmer who makes the most unlikely and fun end of all.


There is also one of the symbols of the saga that for two other films will work in the series, namely Desmond Llewelyn in the role of Q. Adorable old man who gives Bond gadgets as lethal, as improbable, this time the gadgets do not have a heavy role as in the usual: the car with stinger missiles will be used in "Tomorrow never dies", the explosive watch will make half a miss, while the detonator pen will be more successful, the same applies to the belt.
Among old allies also new ones peep out like Valentin Zukovsky (ally in spite of himself), a Robbie Coltrane in a humorous role that will resume in "The world is not enough". Jack Wade (Joe Don Baker), 007's CIA aide, will also return to other films in the saga with Brosnan.

In the technical department, it is impossible not to mention the special effects: many will seem dated, but the stuntmen with their acrobatics (the dam at the beginning was splendid) and the many explosions are excellent, not to mention old-fashioned special effects, fruit of models and not of a computer graphics still little used for a film of not very large budget if compared to today's ones (and we are talking about seventeen years ago).

In conclusion, "GoldenEye" had the incisive merit of bringing the myth of 007 back into the limelight, after years of fogging and the risk of closing the series. Campbell proves to be an excellent initiator, given that years later he will even do better with "Casino Royale", giving us the best film in the saga since the days of Sean Connery. It is a radically new, cynical and modern Bond. "GoldenEye" is a technical test of change, unfortunately not confirmed by subsequent works with Brosnan, despite their strengths and weaknesses.

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