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🔴 Watch Hd 1080p Robert Downey Jr In Iron Man Three (2013) Full Movie

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Uploaded by: rachele
Date: 2020-05-11 08:59:00
Viewed: 66 times - 1 hour, 48 minute, 20 second ago

Marvel begins the second phase of their Cinematic Universe through Iron Man 3. Experiencing the change of director from John Favreau to Shane Black, this third film tells the life of Tony Stark after the Chitauri attack that occurred in The Avengers. If the first film tells about how Stark began his life as Iron Man and the second film tells about his heyday as a superhero, then this third film explores Stark deeper both as himself and as Iron Man. What's interesting is that in this third film the figure of The Mandarin, which has been considered the most famous Iron Man enemy, finally appears and is played by Ben Kingsley after in the first film the name of the terrorist organization he leads, The Ten Rings was alluded to. After the Chitauri attack, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) experienced an anxiety disorder that made him never calm down. He spends all his time working in the laboratory and it makes his relationship with his lover, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) quite disturbed where Tony doesn't have time to spend with him.

At the same time the condition of the world is heating up due to terror from a group of terrorists led by The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). The Mandarin is the mastermind behind various bombings that took place in various parts of the world and killed many people. But due to lack of evidence and clues at the scene, the presence of Mandarin is difficult to know. On the other hand a scientist named Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) is developing a serum called Extremis that can be used to regenerate damage to the human body. But not only that, Extremis was also able to provide multiplied power for its users. Killian himself is suspected of having links to all the terror committed by Mandarin. But Tony Stark not only has to fight these enemies but also must fight against himself to protect the loved ones he has.

A story that seems to have the potential to create a film that is quite dark superhero in which the superhero must fight against personal matters other than of course the main villain. At least the impression that I get from various promotional materials be it trailers, posters or official synopsis available. But unexpectedly Shane Black was able to package the basis of the dark story into full of fresh humor. Although in the first two Iron Man films Tony Stark is known as a slengean figure who likes to make jokes, but only in this third film is the character explored to the utmost. The ability of Robert Downey Jr. catapult in one line hilarious really put to good use here. That made Iron Man 3 have DNA similar to The Avengers who were able to combine cool action elements with comedy moments that were so effective at laughing. Black knew very well what to do after the success of The Avengers and was well aware that here he had enough capital to continue that success. The capital is Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark's characterization.

But what Black did did not necessarily make Iron Man 3 an ordinary action-comedy film, because the depth of the story about Tony's dark side that arises from the anxiety he experienced was also able to be explored properly. We have often seen the figure of Tony who is playboy, flamboyant and has very high confidence. In this film we will be shown another figure from Tony Stark who is easily panicked and often unsure of his abilities. Even the flamboyant Tony Stark is not very often seen here. What was seen was Tony who was injured and had to fight even without the aid of his armor. Yes, aside from the moment where as usual Tony Stark acted in his armor, here we will see him fight only with a variety of simple weapons that he made himself. His figure as an intelligent person is very visible and answers questions about whether the costume makes a person great or the person in the costume. Black kept his promise to make this film like a Tom Clancy thriller where Stark acted like a tactical secret agent. How Black was able to package the dark content into a light spectacle full of humorous humor without losing the depth of the story is clearly commendable.

But even though this film is Tony Stark's, another key character like Pepper Potts is not forgotten. Pepper has a significant portion of the role here. Not only as a damsel in distress but he is also a figure that is so important for Tony to be able to save the Iron Man. Pepper Potts here is truly shown as a very important figure in Tony Stark's life, not only the person he loves but can also help him in any context. What is quite controversial is clearly The Mandarin. His appearance at the beginning of honesty was able to present enough terror to make goose bumps. I was made impatient waiting for the confrontation between him and Tony Stark. Until finally a big twist appears that will divide the audience into two camps. There will be those who are satisfied because they regard it as a smart and unexpected surprise, but there are also those who consider it as a stupid thing that destroys the iconic character in the comic world. I myself am among those who have mixed feelings. On one hand, I felt it was an unexpected twist and it was legitimate to do it in an adaptation. But on the other hand changing the character that is so iconic in the world of comics is clearly a difficult thing to accept.

But beyond that controversial twist, Iron Man 3 clearly continues the trend of Marvel Studio, whose films never disappoint. Iron Man 3 not only succeeds in concocting a dark story lightly, but is also able to package the action scenes to the maximum. If many parties consider the climax in Iron Man 2 to be lacking in interest, then the climax in this third film is clearly worked out well. Featuring an epic battle involving a lot of Iron Man armor, this is clearly a moment awaited by Iron Man lovers. Not to mention a tense action scene when Iron Man saves 13 people who fell from the plane. One for sure, Robert Downey Jr. is the main star of this film who is able to present comedy or dark moments as well. The news that he will stop being Tony Stark after The Avengers 2 is clearly quite worrying considering it is difficult to find someone else who is so fit to play the character. What is clear is Iron Man 3 feels like The Dark Knight Rises only has a more cheerful tone.

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