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🔴 Watch Full Movie Chadwick Boseman In 21 Bridges (2019) 1080p Hd Dvd Blu Ray

watch full movie chadwick boseman in 21 bridges (2019) 1080p hd dvd blu ray
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Uploaded by: tucker
Date: 2020-05-11 10:13:34
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One night in New York a couple of criminals enters a restaurant to steal a load of cocaine, but finds much more than expected, also many police officers arrive on the scene, which the two thieves are forced to shoot down thus becoming the public danger number one. The two are: Ray Jackson, veteran of the wars in the Middle East, and Michael Trujillo discharged instead with dishonor, for reasons however with which it is easy to empathize. Detective Andre Davis, who is reputed to have the easy trigger, is commissioned to capture them, and is flanked by a narcotic agent, Frankie Burns. Andre, who is the son of a policeman killed on duty, takes the affair very seriously and gets to isolate the entire island of Manhattan by blocking bridges and tunnels for a few hours at night. Thus began a manhunt which is also a race against time, where Andre proves that he wants to get to the truth rather than to do summary justice.

Directed by the Irish and almost exclusively television director Brian Kirk, City of Crime is produced by the Russo brothers and has the same protagonist as Black Panther, so much so that it ends up being a superhero film without a mask or cape.

It is difficult to say who is to blame for such a spotless protagonist, who seeks justice following the trauma of his father killed when he was a child and who only needs to dress as a bat. Probably the most innocent in this case is the director himself, who certainly found himself counting less than the producers, including Chadwick Boseman himself - an interpreter who in the numerous close-ups continues to not seem very intense.

It goes much better with all the other characters, both for the actors and for the screenplay that does not try to sanctify them as misunderstood paladins: Sienna Miller has an anti-glamor and shadowy role; J.K. Simmons is more than his usual iron sergeant; Taylor Kitsch is once again handsome and damned, but he also has an older brother side that partially redeems him; Stephan James is a desperate, ended up in a much bigger situation than he is, and certainly the most tragic figure.

Kirk finds effective moments, from the initial funeral framed lead where the policemen who make the salute become a sort of abstract motif, up to the pursuit between Boseman and James, between alleys and the subway, which ideally would like to recall that of The violent arm of the law (film notoriously loved by Russian). Here the editing and the shots fit together with an enviable and original rhythm and a piece of skill comes out of it, just as some shootings are good, above all the first one which has an unusual ferocity.

The cast is so solid that it almost directs itself (James is the least famous, but suffice it to say that it was seen in Homecoming on TV and in If the road could talk about Barry Jenkins). The script does not work more than anything else, which in particular on the end slips into the usual explanation and into a rather predictable epilogue.

Better the long night hunt, although of course the closure of Manhattan requires a certain suspension of disbelief. This is indeed the idea that gives the title to the film, which in original is not City of Crime (entirely Italian invention), but 21 Bridges or rather the 21 bridges that connect Manhattan to the rest of New York and that in the film closed.

The screenplay is by the almost newcomer Adam Mervis and the more experienced Matthew Michael Carnahan, brother of the director and screenwriter Joe Carnahan. The two manage to ring several twists and turns thus, also thanks to the good production values, the film is a rather effective action crime as long as it remains nocturnal, so as to overcome the limits of the protagonist.

But when the knots come to a head the City of Crime now seems short of breath from all points of view, with a shootout a bit 'to save, resolved in an all too comfortable way, and with an atmosphere and a setting completely bland. Running a whole night also blew authors and actors.

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