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Date: 2020-05-11 10:42:06
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"First rule of the Fight Club: never talk about the Fight Club". A rule that we will take into account during the criticism of this hermetic and ingenious work, which could be talked about indefinitely but would be mistaken, going to inevitable plot revelations that would spoil the show to those who have not yet had the good fortune to discover this cinematic pearl.

Fight Club (cast, plot and trailer) is a 1999 film directed by David Fincher, based on the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk. A work perfectly placed even temporally, as if to want to represent a sort of epitaph for the millennium that was coming to an end and the desire to start a new era, free from the burdens of the past (or perhaps only aware of the fact that they would become heavier) .

Not many are the differences between the novel and the film, which enjoys the visual creativity of its director, able to perfectly convert the pressing of the vicissitudes of the protagonist into a picture and sound, a man alienated from a society dominated by consumerism.

The narrator (played by an amazing Edward Norton and to whom we will refer by the nickname "Jack", as he himself does in the film referring to himself, without ever mentioning his real name) is a man tired and oppressed by everyday life. He lives a perennial race between one scheduled flight and another to carry out his work as an expert for an automobile company: whenever a manufacturing defect of a model of the house is the cause of a fatal accident, it is up to Jack to determine if it is convenient withdraw it from the market or reimburse the victim, all through a sterile calculation of the probability that reduces the value of human life to a mathematical survival rate.

Increasingly alienated and suffering from a severe form of insomnia, Jack lives between dream and reality, in a limbo imbued with existential malaise that - according to his doctor - can have no other cure than to live the real physical illness of others by attending self-help groups where people try to comfort each other and accept having to live with painful and often terminal illnesses.

Approaching these realities with mistrust, moved only by desperation and the desire to be able to sleep again, Jack finds in these meetings the possibility of an outlet free from judgments and justifications, identifying himself with the suffering of the sick and starting a form of addiction comparable to that for drugs.

Jack begins to attend all the self-help groups in the city, hiding his real identity by means of false names, but the recurring presence of Marla (Helena Bonham Carter) - an attractive but obviously problematic woman - is likely to blow up the therapeutic intent of the practice: seeing a simulator like him distracts Jack from identification, leading him to suffer from insomnia again.

The meeting with Marla will represent the beginning of a reckless inner path for Jack, crowned by the contemporary break into his life of the charismatic Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), a soap bar seller who lives free from any constraint imposed by the system and determined to fight him .

After losing his apartment, destroyed by a fire, Jack seeks the help of the extravagant Tyler, finding himself forced for the first time to face himself and his inability to be a winner through a cathartic release from the physical suffering obtained through hard hand-to-hand struggles, to which Tyler introduces him: the Fight Club was born, a place where nothing is resolved but where at the end of each fight, nothing matters anymore.
Fight Club: annihilate psychological suffering by replacing it with physical suffering

The Fight Club is nothing more than the evolution of Jack's dependence on self-help groups: a means of replacing mental suffering with physical suffering, identifying one's malaise with the occasional opponent. The only difference is the degree of identification and active involvement in the perception of pain, experienced no longer as a projection of that of others but directly on one's skin and bones.

In the Fight Clubs, which begin to spread like wildfire in the basements of bars in all the main cities, there are few rules (the first of which is not to reveal their existence to non-members) and Jack will discover, under the guidance of Tyler, of not being the only one who needs this kind of catharsis: the world is full of people looking for an escape from mental suffering, armies ready to be trained to fight and destroy the system that made them sick ...
Fight Club is an acute metaphor of the effects of consumerism on the human personality which - pushed daily to put aside what really matters in the name of the importance attributed to materiality - gradually loses contact with itself becoming a victim of a form of alienation from the implications unpredictable and dangerous.

Tyler is all that Jack would like to be: beautiful, free to live outside the box, skilled with women and brilliant in carrying out his project to raise awareness of the world to a fundamental cause: to identify and achieve a personal goal, the only element to maintain mental health in a world now in disarray.
The Fight Club is becoming increasingly popular, as well as the dependence of its members on the founder, ready to take their desire for rebellion (fostered by Tyler) outside the congregation, hitting the targets symbol of consumerism. A project of catastrophically uncontrolled and uncontrollable dimensions, the Mayhem Project, therefore starts from the mind of one man ... but where is the limit between a common goal and pseudo-religious indoctrination, in which dogma replaces rationality?

The direction of David Fincher gives visual depth to the psychological delusion of which the protagonist is a victim, letting the film slide towards progressively darker atmospheres and completing the pressing of the images with an ad hoc montage that - starting from the epilogue - gradually reconstructs the events that led the mild Jack to have a gun stuck in his mouth.

All completed by almost always nocturnal settings in which the only colors to be highlighted are those of the blood (the outcome of the fights and the primary element capable of remembering that you are alive) and the neon signs that disseminate the city constantly reiterating the nature of the enemy to fight: consumerism.

The result is a film that does not miss a beat, with a constant rhythm (despite the 139 minutes duration), crowned by the masterful interpretations of the protagonists, and by a finale full of reflective ideas not only on the theme of alienation and the effects of group dynamics and indoctrination on weak minds, but also on the meaning of life itself, a path that needs goals and objectives if you want death ... surprise us alive.

After hoarding nominations for the main film awards, Fight Club was placed in tenth place in 2008 in the "500 Greatest Movies of All Time" ranking compiled by the British magazine Empire.

The cast of the film also includes Jared Leto, Meat Loaf, Zach Grenier, Richard Chesler, David Andrews.

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