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Uploaded by: manford
Date: 2020-05-11 11:21:56
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Stephen Strange is a neurosurgeon with extraordinary talent and immense ego. Unable to content himself with saving individual lives, he aspires to something that goes beyond and that revolves known medicine. After a serious car accident he loses the use of the nerve endings of the hands and therefore the possibility of undertaking his own job. Strange does not accept his new condition and goes to Nepal in search of a mysterious cure. In Katmandu he will discover secrets that go far beyond those that can be explained by science alone.

Pressing the accelerator pedal has consequences: metaphor that applies to Doctor Stephen Strange, while he darting at the wheel of his Lamborghini Huracán, as well as for Marvel, struggling with the management of his multi-faceted MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). When the need is to constantly amaze, sooner or later the level of saturation is reached, the one in which the boundaries of the ridiculous are pinched. For Marvel, the risk became concrete, especially in a "phase three" - characterized by the civil war between the Avengers - which immediately proved complicated, due to the firepower brought into play and the difficulty in managing the global continuum , maintaining the stylistic and narrative needs of each single feature film. In this sense, the genesis of a new hero is the cure-all that Marvel needed. Species of a complicated subject with immense powers, although "lesser" as fame within the cosmogony of the House of Ideas. But Strange also carries many narrative risks with him: the complication of maintaining an aesthetic between psychedelia, mysticism and new age, at high risk of kitsch excess and the need to reconcile these needs with a traditional genesis.

The birth of a new superhero is managed by Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) with a traditional approach to the "pre" period - the classic parable on the limits of rationality, forced to give way to faith - and a sudden acceleration of events after Strange reaches Nepal.
Derrickson confronts the visionary nature of the character and the challenges he faces, taking full advantage of the colors and forms of universes and "multiverses", as only digital technology pushed to today's levels can guarantee.

Derrickson's film maintains an enviable balance: on the one hand that sobriety from which its protagonist continually escapes, on the other a radicality that manifests itself in visual audacity - the upheaval of space and time that looks to Inception and the visions more Escher's extremes - and in the management of the emotional peaks of the story (Strange's near-death, the lethal and sudden threat that falls on the three sanctuaries), helped by the background of Derrickson's horror director. The special ingredient is once again self-irony, the one that helps to bring back to earth a story subjected to continuous centrifugal stresses: the gags are fun and capitalize on the right on the standard established after the success of the Guardians of the galaxy. Also thanks to a cast that represents the special added effect. Benedict Cumberbatch adapts perfectly to Strange's egocentric and megalomaniacal clothes, surpassed only by the ineffable Tilda Swinton, in an ideal role for her characteristics of otherness and irreducibility to connotations of gender or age.

Strange's universe is dominated by an entropy out of Time, against which Earth and her "spiritual" protectors fight strenuously. With laws to protect, but occasionally to break. Strange, prey to the fear of failure and selfishness, learns the lesson at his own expense and chooses to give up the joys of earthly life to defend a greater good. It is not known why he changes his mind about his nature, but Marvel in the real world benefits from it, in addition to the human race in fiction.

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