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🔴 Watch & Stream Benedict Cumberbatch In The Imitation Game (2014) Full Movie Hd 1080p

watch & stream benedict cumberbatch in the imitation game (2014) full movie hd 1080p
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Uploaded by: cliff
Date: 2020-05-11 18:14:48
Viewed: 49 times - 1 day, 2 hour, 21 minute, 11 second ago

Manchester, early 1950s. Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician and cryptography expert, is interrogated by the police officer who arrested him for obscene acts. Turing begins to tell his story starting from the episode of greatest public importance: the period, during the Second World War, in which he and a small group of brains were entrusted to him, including a chess champion and an expert of puzzle, the task of decrypting the Enigma code, devised by the Nazis to communicate their military operations in secret form. It is the first in a series of flashbacks that will probe the life of the scientist who died suicide at 41 years old and considered today one of the fathers of computer science as the creator of a computer progenitor machine.
The Imitation Game reveals its intentions right from the title: because it is a game of subterfuge and counterfeiting that affects not only the Nazi code, but also the very activity of the group of experts gathered to decipher it, forced to operate undercover. More deeply, the "imitative game" characterizes the life of some of those scientists, Turing at the head, forced to hide their diversity from the world, and in particular from that English society that churns out eccentric and then confines them to the margins of its rigid and obtuse conformism.

Turing, a sort of idiot savant with a prodigious talent for numbers and a parallel ineptitude for social coexistence, is the perfect martyr in this claustrophobic scheme: in fact he will sacrifice his genius for the salvation of all, building a machine named Christopher (ie "the one who brings Christ"), and falling victim to the narrowness of views of those who did not possess even one gram of his visionary ability. A prodigious mind forced to live "in code", and unable to decipher the behavior of others, nor to translate one's own into human communication.

The Imitation Game is an "imitative" film in the best sense of the term because it visibly takes into account the lessons of a lot of recent cinema, and creates a story that seems the quintessence of the British television staging at the Masterpiece Theater, however, starting from a "different" perspective. In fact, the director is the Norwegian Morten Tyldum, who approaches the material with total respect for the English communication codes to tell about its contradictions and dehumanizing limits. In this sense, his operation is not unlike that carried out by another Scandinavian director, Tomas Alfredson, with his The Mole: it is no coincidence that some actors (Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the role of Turing, and Mark Strong) and especially the production designer Maria Djurkovic, have participated in both films. It is no coincidence that part of the creative team behind The Imitation Game is European but not English: in addition to the director and Djurkovic, who is Anglo-Czechoslovak, there are the Spanish director of photography Oscar Faura and the French composer Alexandre Desplat. Their "England at the time of the war" is Disney's borderline (think of brass knobs and broom handles) but it is this iconic representation that makes the contrast with Turing's non-homologous diversity so strident. England is the metaphor of understatement intended as a stubborn will to annul any form of disobedience to "normality". It is the England of blind respect for traditions and hierarchies, that of bureaucrats and family secrets kept in naphtline. Finally, it is England that appeals to Turing's genius to save his skin, but is ready to throw his savior to the cheap.

The Imitation Game takes into account several recent cinematographic examples, from A Beautiful Mind to The Social Network - Aaron Sorkin's flashback and forward narrative structure is clearly a model for the screenwriter, Graham Moore - in the portrait of a protagonist whose genius travels hand in hand with his association with the limits of autism, but also with Benedict Cumberbatch's acting background, which in his interpretation of Turing brings the legacy of the Julian Assange of The Fifth Power and the Sherlock Holmes on television, creating an ideal continuity between the irreducible eccentricity of yesterday and today.

As also in The theory of everything, in The Imitation Game the hyper-traditional and free of authorial flashes does nothing but reinforce the impact of the "total" acting of the protagonist: with the difference that Cumberbatch in the role of Turing is much more pyrotechnic than Eddie Redmayne in Stephen Hawking's. The intent of the production, orchestrated by that Oscar-winning wizard who is Harvey Weinstein, is clearly to secure a nomination for his thoroughbred actor. The operation, despite its obvious desk planning, still succeeds: because Cumberbatch is a space oddity capable of communicating infinite levels of reading; why England seen by outsiders has an effective dramaturgical impact; and because within this canonical and highly controlled staging the injustice of Turing's martyrdom stands out with even more incomprehensible in its cruel incongruence.

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