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🔴 Watch & Stream Aaron Paul In El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) Full Movie Hd 1080p

watch & stream aaron paul in el camino a breaking bad movie (2019) full movie hd 1080p
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Uploaded by: jonathane
Date: 2020-05-11 19:22:43
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Since Breaking Bad came to an end in 2013, fans of the series have found themselves dealing with a lot of speculation about the fate of the individual characters, projects never really announced and a Better Call Saul that although it maintains the highest quality of the universe narrative, with the last season aired, it made many lovers of the saga turn up their noses. In the midst of this uncertainty among fans, Vince Gilligan dropped a nuclear bomb with destructive potential, announcing the launch of El Camino, the sequel to Felina that only a few weeks ago we found out what it was about. The details on the production of the film were few, but one thing was clear from the start: Jesse Pinkman would have been at the center of the narrative. Resuming the story from Felina, El Camino focuses on the events immediately following the death - confirmed - of Walt, with flash backs justifying some of Jesse's choices and expanding the timeline of the series.

The main feature of El Camino is precisely the nature of his narrative intent, or - speaking as a fan - what we must immediately reckon with: he aims to conclude - and conclude - Jesse's journey, without reaching striking screenplay climaxes - or rather, he reaches them, because we find a whole series of characters and family circumstances of which we were really abstinent, even adding something new, but the typical heartbeat of Breaking Bad is something far away, just because after Felina, what remains from to do is collect the pieces and try to escape as far as possible.

We find ourselves in front of a product inserted in the context of Breaking Bad, but outside the narrative laws of the series, since as El Camino immediately manages to make it clear, everything we knew and loved is finished, and we just have to assist Jesse during his escape to something better. Therefore, dedicating the script to Jesse, anyone who has placed his hopes in El Camino to see characters that do not directly concern him must remain dry-mouthed, but it is a more than acceptable compromise: the film does not fulfill everyone's destiny but only that of the boy; the path of the White family can already be considered in itself completed with the legacy left to him by Walt; however, we are looking forward to the fifth season of Better Call Saul.

What was missing, of course, was a parenthesis entirely dedicated to the co-protagonist of the series, and El Camino serves just that, filling that part of notions that could not be filled only by our imagination, once we saw Jesse escape from captivity. The dynamic works, is credible and is well thought out, with few salient events but consistent with the physiological path that things would have taken immediately after the collapse of the Heisenberg empire. The question that arises spontaneously for those who define it as an unnecessary film, having ascertained the purpose of El Camino, is what they expected from a film that on balance is not at all disappointing.

The key concept on which the good feelings in Breaking Bad were based is precisely this, to start again, far and anonymously, because as Walt said, "if there is Hell we are already condemned", and it is precisely this turns the path of Jesse, a desperate need to start again. Jesse is good, perhaps he does not know he is, but he is the only character in the saga who always maintains scruples, where even Jimmy cannot have them. El Camino had to reserve him a better destiny, worthy of his nature as a man victim of the events that at the end of everything, when he is now close to escape, after all that has happened to him, he even has the courage to admit that all his mistakes are been solely his fault.

A new beginning that starts not only from false documents and remote destinations, but from a complete redemption that no other character of Breaking Bad has managed to accomplish, just because as the film shows, to be entirely admirable is only Jesse. El Camino creates unprecedented flashbacks with characters already seen - some of whom we really hoped to find, even if only for a short while - during dialogues and situations that posed mentoring Jesse in retrospect. Advice on the future, philosophical considerations on life, reassessments of one's intellectual potential provide a positive frame and melancholy to the main narrative, against balanced by other flashbacks that show the inhuman conditions in which Jesse was raging during the year of captivity, before being released from his best enemy.

The value of El Camino is therefore not calculable if the aim is to insert it at all costs in the previous reputation of the Breaking Bad fan base, indeed, it must be taken for what it is, that is, a product with simple elements and not intricate circumstances. It is a perfect transition from the drama of the series to the renewed psychological condition of Jesse, and to witness it are precisely the maintenance of the salient features of the series such as violence, language and feelings of remorse and redemption, resting on a narrative rhythm and more psychological introspection sophisticated and muted typical of Better Call Saul, thus outlining a circular and coherent closure of events, reassuring the viewer and at the same time opening up to our imagination, this time encouraged by the awareness that Jesse has finally gone well.

What remains once the vision of El Camino is finished is strange, but it can only happen to those who put Breaking Bad in the first place of the heart series. There and then one does not realize too much of what has just been seen, indeed, at first glance one might almost think that we have not seen enough, that we have not been satisfied, but it is only the instinct of hunger, not a rational thought. Once seen to end, with El Camino exactly what happened to us with Felina happens, although in a less tragic way and this time with feelings of positive and renewed melancholy. The last shot dedicated to Jesse sees him driving a car again and is on the run again, but not from captivity. He is clean, serene, still smiling but this time he is aware of what he leaves behind and what he wants from his life, which looks ahead. We seem to be dealing with the last farewell between us and someone we have known and become friends with, as happened with the Breaking Bad finale - when we asked ourselves the fateful question "and now? after all this time spent with them, what will happen to me now? ".

You only notice this feeling after you have finished watching El Camino, just the physiological time to metabolize what has happened, which at first glance may not seem like something striking. It happens that the perfect coherence of the story is perceived, although it is not a striking climax, and what remains inside is a perceptible imprint, like the one that resurfaces when the old times are brushed up. A few simple things re-emerge it, which we do not realize throughout the film, and which, as usual, make Gilligan & Co. deserve a shower of applause. In fact, along El Camino you will find all the best features of this narrative universe, such as the experimental camera movements, the dizzying musical intervals, the moments of apparent non-sense that manage to make you think, unscrupulous characters and above all, outlined as a warrior eagle, the talent of Aaron Paul, who in fact created the glue between the gentle writing and direction of Gilligan and the appeal of the mother series. These elements add up creating the hidden pathos that we will perceive only after seeing the film.

Judged instead as a film product in its own right, El Camino is not a masterpiece - and perhaps this is to mislead the perception of the fan base, divided between acceptance and disappointment - but it is a negligible lack, being in fact a very long final episode that more respects the laws of writing for television, rather than that for cinema. The script flows very slowly, being full of details that make up a frame of a few salient events, shown by a direction perhaps not up to the tenor that many expected, but perfectly consistent with the main intent of the narration, that is to expand the timeline of the events that occurred during Breaking Bad, defining Jesse's psychology definitively and giving an end to her story, painted with accentuated contrasts and green hues more similar to Roger Deakins' photography than to the naturalness of the sunny hues we were used to. A fair, balanced conclusion, which restores to the protagonist the dignity that deserves and to us the flavor of redemption, the one coveted and precluded to Jesse, Walter and Jimmy. Now ... it's all in the hands of Better Call Saul 5.

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