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🔴 Watch & Stream X Men Dark Phoenix (2019) Full Movie Online Hd

watch & stream x men dark phoenix (2019) full movie online hd
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Uploaded by: boysie
Date: 2020-05-12 05:13:38
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Simon Kinberg really understands X-Men but it's not a matter of directing. That conclusion I took after watching Dark Phoenix, the second and possibly last X-Men film for a long time (Marvel Studios will not feature mutants in the near future and will certainly explore other stories first) that adapted The Dark Phoenix Saga.

The worst X-Men titles, from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: Apocalypse and of course X-Men: The Last Stand, always display misinterpretations and / or waste of characters. Dark Phoenix is ​​different. The film knows that Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is not a saint, Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) (often) is an antihero, Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan) is a formidable hero, while the Phoenix entity rebels when Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) experiences emotional instability.

Kinberg also did not forget to describe the X-Men as a colorful team, as shown in the first round, when they were carrying out space missions to rescue astronauts whose planes were damaged by the energy like a solar flare. Kinberg used the mission to show X-Men working as a team in an exciting sequence that deserves to be climaxed.

That's when Jean was exposed to that mysterious energy, giving him unlimited power. Make amends at The Last Stand, Kinberg this time is more loyal to the original material by making Phoenix a cosmic entity rather than the embodiment of Jean Gray's multiple personality. Returning to Earth, Jean increasingly lost control of her strength, before her emotions exploded as soon as she knew the dark sense that Charles hid.

The problematic side of Charles has been the surprise of Raven (Jennifer Lawrence), who feels the old friend is reluctant to care about the safety of his students for personal glory. Raven intends to leave, but Hank (Nicholas Hoult) blocks him. Charles himself did not deny that he enjoyed being treated like a hero and flooded with awards from the United States government. The comic reader certainly knows that Charles has always been in the gray area, even doing various actions far more cruel than the film version. Patrick Stewart plays old Charles well, but McAvoy is better suited to portray the character's dark side when his soul is in disarray.

Jean lost control, Charles was obsessed with holding control, and as if that wasn't enough, a new obstacle appeared for X-Men, when an alien race of transformers named D'Bari invaded to take over the power of Phoenix. Although his character is shallow, as Vuk the leader of the D'Bari race, Jessica Chastain has a mysterious inhuman aura, making him at least a better looking antagonist than the silly Apocalypse.

When almost all parties including himself felt that Jean brought destruction, Vuk, on the other hand, conveyed the idea of ​​how he was the source of life. There she is. Even though the whole plot was not solid enough, built on a series of idealistic debates that failed to provoke, the existence of a clear and precise motivation for Jean's inner turmoil had led Dark Phoenix to complete its mission as a remedial for The Last Stand.

Through the script, Kinberg shows the right way (though not extraordinary) to adapt The Dark Phoenix Saga. But Kinberg "the debutant director" unfortunately was not as skilled as Kinberg the "writer of the comic book movie script". The execution of the action is often full of awkwardness, although a variety of brilliant ideas seem to be clearly stored in his head.

One example of his ideas related to the ability of mutants on the battlefield. Kurt's teleportation (Kodi Smit-McPhee) proved to be a great help, Scott's optical blast was an attack to be feared, Phoenix's power practically made Jean do anything, and Erik was a badass. Whether when he throws a helicopter or destroys an opponent using a train, Erik proves that X-Men films don't always need Wolverine to bring cool action.

But again, many of these ideas just stop as ideas. Look at the battle in front of Jean's house. The way Kinberg positioned the camera, set the tempo and mise-en-scène, often stripped of the epic side the director wanted. That is also the reason why a tragic event that followed shortly afterwards failed to make an impact. The event was built, happened, and ended hastily.

The weakness of Kinberg's standing is increasingly apparent when paired with Hans Zimmer's bombastic music. Both sides seem to exist in different realms so that difficulties are complementary. Zimmer's music composition sounded rocking as usual (usage lies in the sequence of space missions), although I regret the absence of Suite, an iconic theme song made by John Ottman.

The film ends anticlimax. After an entertaining train sequence, Kinberg presents a tedious battle of zero tension and creativity, when two characters with fiery aura are busy hugging each other. Overall Dark Phoenix also seems similar. As a closing, this film is clearly far from ideal, but the reluctance to betray the source of adaptation is something that deserves praise.

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