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🔴 Watch & Stream Alita Battle Angel (2019) Full Movie 1080p Dvd

watch & stream alita battle angel (2019) full movie 1080p dvd
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Uploaded by: miles
Date: 2020-05-16 12:23:59
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The adaptation of the Battle Angel Alita manga is set in the future of dystopia, 300 years after the "The Fall" which devastated almost the entire face of the Earth, making it a barren land, leaving Zalem, a city floating in the air. People have all the reasons for moping, but our hero, a cyborg named Alita (Rosa Salazar), is a cheerful girl with a look of admiration and a smile that is always expanding. Although often cornered, it did not take long for him to rise and continue to fight. When was the last time a dystopian blockbuster gave us such a protagonist?

watch & stream alita battle angel (2019) full movie 1080p dvd

Alita was rearranged after Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) found his core system in a garbage heap. IDO is a scientist who provides free repairs to clients. Most of Alita's figures: Battle Angel, whether criminal, fighter, or prize hunter, have replaced their body parts with machines.

Ido gave Alita the body that he was about to give to the princess, but unfortunately he died before that wish came true. This element is the basis of the father-son relationship story that supports the first half of the film, as well as carrying the message that even though "making" and giving birth, parents have no right to determine the child's identity.

Despite losing memory, Alita believes the fighter's soul settled in her. That conviction was proven when he beat up some dangerous criminals. Slowly realizing his life, Alita also wants to take part in Motorball competitions (such as a combination of basketball + rollerblading + gladiator) which is controlled from behind by Vector (Mahershala Ali) who is also in the midst of making plans with Dr. Chiren (Jennifer Connelly), Ido's ex-wife. That desire was strongly opposed by Ido, because he did not want to lose a princess anymore.

Isn't that almost always the case? Based on extraordinary love, a father wants to protect his daughter but ends up giving birth to restraints. And Alita, driven by a burning passion, is not an individual who wants to be able to be restrained. He is brave enough to fight, rebel, stand tall against all obstacles, even confident in vocal voices, which in the eyes of many parties (because of similar social structures in the real world, young girls are considered nothing) might sound like big bullshit.

Combining the various features above with the humanistic appearance of Rosa Salazar as well as qualified motion capture, Alita became one of the most easily preferred action heroes. Even when the film puts Alita in a half-cooked romance that is not convincing with Hugo (Keean Johnson), the strength of his character fails to erode.

The manuscript of the writings of James Cameron (The Terminator, Avatar, Titanic) together with Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island, Terminator Genisys) is rather chaotic in the matter of building his world mythology. It is often difficult to understand the hierarchy as well as the social system, or who is on whose side, especially in the early half of the day who spent a long time laying the foundation.

But once throwing a sequence of actions, Alita: Battle Angel never fails to look stunning. Guided by a solid CGI (although with a capital of "only" $ 200 million, don't expect quality at Cameron's work level when sitting in the directing chair), Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids, Machete, Sin City) overcomes all doubts over his election. Since starting his career through El Mariachi (1992), no matter how bad the film is, Rodriguez is always good at making his hero look cool when taking actions against logic that also involves violence.

Accompanied by a studio-shaking sound system armed by Dolby Atmos, Rodriguez presents bodies cut, chopped, severed heads, and so on. Only the absence of blood — due to the characters who become victims have a machine body — the R rating failed to be pinned on this film. Do not miss an astonishing moment taken like a body of horror, when the fate of one of the characters is revealed near the end.

I think we need to try copying Alita. Various parties try to destroy it both physically and mentally. He fell, had also cried. Not a problem. All that shows the human side. But Alita removed the word "surrender" from her dictionary, refused to be swept away by the current of helplessness, and always tried as hard as possible to find a way out. He is smart, clever, strong, and most important, has a big heart.

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