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🔴 Watch & Stream The Equalizer (2014) Full Movie 1080p Best Movie Today

watch & stream the equalizer (2014) full movie 1080p best movie today
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Uploaded by: felixe
Date: 2020-05-16 17:02:23
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are you a fan of Denzel Washington? if so, we recommend you to watch the equalizer (2014) movie. you can read who are the casts played in this film one as we known is Denzel Washington. you able to streaming this film 1080p or 720p for the high quality we recommend you to watch streaming this film on Netflix, Hulu or HBO. watching the movie is undoubtedly an integral entertainment part nowadays. thanks to internet development, now you don’t need to go to the cinema to watch your favorite films. watch & stream the equalizer (2014) full movie 1080p best movie today. using a vpn could solve this problem but we cannot guarantee that this method will work for you in the case of watch video online. as far as the interface and user-friendliness are concerned, this site performs quite well.

What would come out if we combined Jigsaw's morality and heinous games with the strength and determination of Bryan Mills (or Liam Neeson in I will find you)? It is easy to say, the result is the last Denzel Washington and his The equalizer. The film is based on an old and homonymous television series of the 80s, in Italy known as The New York Executioner.

The protagonist, Robert McCall, is a former special agent who, after having to simulate his death, finds himself living a new life, in Boston, in the role of a simple warehouse clerk. Always imperturbable, he often times his actions and is very habitual. Habits that led him to always frequent the same bar where he met a Russian girl, Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz) forced into prostitution by the Soviet mafia. The two, meeting every day, establish a formal relationship. But although Robert wanted to start a new life to avoid getting involved in dangerous situations, of which his past has been rich, he will not be able to fall back into his nature in the face of an abuse suffered by Teri. From here he will begin his long journey that will lead him to do a massacre of all the torturers and their superiors.

An almost superhuman strength and surprising meticulousness in planning everything (even in anticipating the moves of its antagonists) transform this agent into a kind of superhero. But not the usual character with special and otherworldly powers, here we are faced with a real but totally human war machine. Sometimes we tend to exaggerate with the mythologization of the character, with frequent slow motion scenes and slow walks on an apocalypse background. But needless to deny that the result obtained is highly cinematic and pure entertainment. It's hard not to be attracted and amused by following the events of this apparently peaceful middle-aged gentleman. A firm Denzel Washington who knows how to puncture the screen.
The protagonists

The director is Antoine Fuqua, after only one year from his last work Attacco al Potenza. And the last time the director and our protagonist worked together was with Training day, a film that allowed Washington to win the Oscar for Best Actor in 2002. This time, however, they engage in a slightly different genre, according to Fuqua himself, here we are facing "hardcore action". Just to witness how much weight has been given to the theatricality of the deeds. Despite her only 17 years of age, we find an already experienced actress like Chloë Grace Moretz who has a long filmography behind her. We remember among the many Kick-ass titles, Let me in, Hugo Cabret.

Soundtrack of great weight that fits perfectly with the rhythm of the film. Drumming, energetic, rock. The flagship is the unpublished piece by Eminem, featuring the featuring of Sia Furler.

Tacitly there is already talk of a potential sequel but of course it is early to talk about it, especially because the high judge has not yet spoken: the box office. And then there will be convincing Washington, who has always been reluctant to associate his image several times with the same character.

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