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Uploaded by: bradly
Date: 2020-05-16 18:12:29
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As many continued action / thriller stories out there, The Equalizer2, which carries the concept of "This time it's personal", slipped an element of revenge that brought him closer to the Death Wish series (Charles Bronson's version). The difference, Paul Kersey is an ordinary middle-aged man while Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) is clearly a real hero, or rather a superhero. Exceeding one man army like Dwayne Johnson, not only is he invincible, he finishes off his opponents with a cold face with zero expression. He can bleed, but will not show pain when injured.

Some people might find that characterization weakens tension. True, but the fourth collaboration of Denzel and director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Olympus Has Fallen, The Equalizer) is not targeting the throttling intensity, but rather a cool impression so that the audience cheers in support of the hero. Robert is a sad but kind man, faithfully following the moral compass, just beating up decent people, from child abductors, perpetrators of acts of violence against women, gangsters destroying the younger generation, and (certainly), assassins. We are first invited to hate them, then hope Robert gives a lesson in the form of death as brutal and painful as possible.

After the first film, Robert has become a vigilante who has completely eradicated crime, with some information obtained from his best friend and former CIA member Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo). Like the superheroes, Robert has an undercover job, which is an online taxi driver. Robert likes to be alone, but he likes humans and all the goodness in his stories. Maybe that's the reason for choosing the job, because Robert can hear the stories of the passengers, and if "lucky", find crime to be cleared up. Robert aims to improve the world instead of venting the desire for violence, so don't be surprised if he offers forgiveness to criminals before they finish him.

But now, the principle above has to be removed because, well, "This time it's personal". The death of a colleague prompted Robert to swear to kill anyone involved, though to get to that point, it took up to 30 minutes to run. Similar to the first film, the flow between the action moves slowly, inviting us to stop by to meet people in Robert's life first, starting with Sam (Orson Bean), a regular customer who lives in a nursing home, and Miles (Ashton Sanders), an art school student which began to be dragged into gangster life. Not everything is important, especially about Sam who can be eliminated without erasing the impression he is trying to build, that Robert is a man with a heart of gold.

Previously, the slow tempo of the plot was used to present the emptiness of Robert's heart as the main focus. Now, Robert's investigations reveal the perpetrators of the killer's friends who came forward. Unfortunately not an interesting investigation, due to the mysteries revealed are things that we already know. The audience knows more than Robert, both about a few crumbs of facts to the identity of the perpetrators who can easily be smelled from the start. Luckily the weakness was able to be patched by the mat of action that was handled in a solid manner by Fuqua. Solid, because it has an impact. We can feel every broken bone, also incisions that splatter blood in a minimalist gore dressing. The action of The Equalizer 2 is not just a makeshift filler, but entertainment that hits, awakens if the tempo is slow and the weak plot feels tiring.

It all boils down to the climax, which thanks to Richard Wenk's manuscript services, cleverly involves a fierce storm (already implied by radio broadcasts throughout the duration) as a backdrop. Conditions that immediately lift the tension of the peak moment many times. Slightly away from the feel of the thrill-action gritty brought by the film, but happy to see there is entertainment that has creativity in dramatization rather than limited to applying the formula "beat-em-up-shoot-em-up" in a perfunctory manner. And it seems not necessary to say much about Denzel, who is here for the first sequel in his career. Expression plus his body language exudes a convincing toughness that can instantly change to bring out the awkwardness of a kind and smiling man. Denzel as Robert is able to bring a sense of security when with him, even in a dark alley in the middle of a dark and hard world like now.

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