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Uploaded by: albin
Date: 2020-05-17 09:47:34
Viewed: 102 times - 1 day, 23 hour, 56 minute, 48 second ago

The big screen directing debut of Neasa Hardiman, who was previously more active in the television industry, might not be as classic as the inspirational titles, say Jaws, The Abyss, to The Thing, but that does not mask the fact that Sea Fever was made competently, it might also will be the topic of medium-scale conversation, related to the incidental relevance it has with the current corona pandemic.

Siobhan (Hermione Corfield), a bright young scientist, was forced to put aside his reluctance to socialize for the title of professor, while attending a field study with crew members of the fishing boat Niamh Cinn-Oir owned by a married couple, Gerard (Dougray Scott) and Freya (Toni Collette originally selected as a cast before being replaced by Connie Nielsen). Initially everything went smoothly, even though we knew something bad would happen after Gerard and Freya ignored the prohibition of coast guards from entering the restricted zone.

The crew were surprised to learn that the red-haired Siobhan, who they believed could bring bad luck. Then on one occasion, Siobhan and Freya engaged in a casual chat about the shining sea. Siobhan describes it through the scientific side, while Freya relates it to folklore. A conversation that juxtaposes two opposing perspectives, while implying a clash of scientific perspectives with personal desires that will occur later.

On the way, the ship suddenly stopped, then Hardiman (also acting as the scriptwriter) effectively began to imply the horror that awaited, when Omid (Ardalan Esmaili) found the hollow of the ship's hull. Some slimy and disgusting substance sticks to the hole. Finally it was discovered, a mysterious giant creature in the form of a giant squid was the cause of the cessation of the ship.

Following in the footsteps of the classic titles mentioned before, we never see the whole form of the monster, let alone understand its origin. But we know that the creature is spreading parasites that can cause terrible death, which is the way Hardiman spread terror through gore. The rest, he relies on claustrophobic nuances, builds an atmospheric spectacle that never appears draggy due to his shrewdness playing tempo. The script is also quite good at dividing plot points. Many similar films keep their interesting elements for too long, while Sea Fever makes sure there are new facts every once in a while without having to reveal too much.

The problem is, the film never succeeds in attracting concern for the characters. Some personal characteristics are only revealed briefly rather than deepened. The rest, the crew are just lifeless figures, who are just waiting to die when sea sickness starts, without being highlighted by psychological dynamics. At least there is something positive about Siobhan's characterization. Regarding the antisocial side, the process of change does not happen suddenly. Only toward the end did he do something his figure would not do at the beginning of the film.

The process takes place in certain stages. From the selfish individual, he begins to open up, interact, then learn not to add to the wounds of those around him, then finally he is willing to sacrifice. And instead of fatal weaknesses, the film uses the antisocial side as a logical reason when making Siobhan the voice of the reason in the group. Entering the final third, a debate arose which coincidentally reflected the issue of social distancing which was later rife discussed. It made sense when Siobhan was the one who proposed the quarantine while the other crew wanted to go home immediately to meet the family (Hello, Indonesian travelers!). Not merely because he is the protagonist so that automatically is the most clear-minded character, but his mindset is indeed scientifically oriented.

Unfortunately there are problem points. Siobhan proposed a 36-hour quarantine in order to reduce the chance of spreading parasites, because it was not impossible that one of them had been infected, which encouraged him to take extreme measures when the other crew opposed. But all the conflicts ended in nothing, even ridiculous, when only using a simple method, Siobhan can detect whether a parasite has lived in a person's body or not. After that, quarantine matters were totally forgotten.

The climax is also weak, failing to reach the peak of tension. The decision to slip an environmental message that makes Sea Fever take a different path than most monster films and minimal funding is clearly not an excuse. This failure was purely due to Neasa Hardiman's inability, either as a writer or director, to explore creatively to outsmart limitations. If successful, maybe Sea Fever will be more memorable.

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