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Uploaded by: mart
Date: 2020-05-19 16:11:24
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Sometimes I sit alone in the middle of the night with earphones attached while listening to Live Forever or Cigarettes and Alcohol, fantasizing, "What if I was Liam Gallagher?" That is why, despite the concept of fantasy, Danny Boyle's latest work (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hourse) feels close. It's relatable, at least for my imagination, cause I long for yesterday.

What happens if the Beatles disappear from existence? Maybe most of them think it's terrible, but for Jack Malik (Himesth Patel), it is a gift. Jack spent 10 years writing and singing his own songs from stage to stage, bar to bar, unfortunately success did not come.

He is ready to give up if not because of the support of Ellie (Lily James), an old friend, manager, and love at the same time. But Jack was reluctant to speak his heart, without knowing that Ellie had similar feelings. Until one night, total darkness fell on the whole world for 12 seconds. Then in a rather mystical scene that was built based on the song A Day in the Life (also the most mystical Beatles song), Jack was hit by a bus.

He woke up, lost two teeth, but got a much bigger thing. Jack is the only person who knows the Beatles. Along with a few other things, the legendary quartet is gone from history. Jack got the idea to claim to be the creator of their songs. As a result, it did not take long until he was ordained as a genius musician.

Stored a pile of exploration options in the concept of "what if" that is carried, and in fact the manuscript made by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually) works well presenting an entertaining situation when Jack deceives people, from his family to the figures the music industry including Ed Sheeran and the manager, Debra Hammer (played by Kate McKinnon who is an expert at mixing cruel and tickling sides).

Even though it's fun to watch, it's hard to dismiss the thought if Yesterday included failing to fulfill its potential. Just hearing the premise, my imagination went wild thinking about how this film describes Jack's creative process. But besides the sequential passing when he visited locations in Liverpool that played a role in the creation of the song The Beatles, there wasn't much that Yesterday had to offer.

Even Curtis seemed reluctant to give Jack more opportunities to enjoy the mysterious conditions. He continued to face suffering, hardship, and even when he finally broke into the industrial world, he immediately stumbled into problems related to freedom of work being stripped away. Rather than an artist who is free of expression, Jack is a company product. Related to this problem, Yesterday came too close to reality.

Luckily, when the script was a bit disappointing, directing Danny Boyle shined, proving love as well as a high understanding of the soul in the works of "The Fab Four". The Beatles' first song that Jack recited was Yesterday, and the moment took place in the middle of a magical atmosphere, where the universe seemed to welcome the fall of the world of music.

Likewise, when Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da is played, which perfectly captures the pure happiness and simplicity of the song composed by Lennon-McCartney. Boyle's direction (plus a few references plus surprises) made Yesterday a proper tribute, even though the film actually didn't give the audience a lot of karaoke opportunities, because the majority of the songs were only played for a moment.

Thanks to the performance of the two main performers, Yesterday helped present a sweet British romantic comedy (read: Richard Curtis). Himesh Patel revives the likeable and relatable protagonists who are trapped in a dilemma of friction between personal ambition and morals, between ideals and love. While Lily James as always easy to win the heart through its natural charm. She's so lovable, she'll make you believe that all you need is love.

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