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🔴 123movies Brightburn (2019) Official Trailer Watch & Download 1080p

123movies brightburn (2019) official trailer watch & download 1080p
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Uploaded by: darion
Date: 2020-05-19 19:16:00
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Produced by James Gunn (Super, Guardians of the Galaxy) and scripted by his younger brother Brian Gunn and his cousin Mark Gunn (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), Brightburn is an attempt to apply the concept of the comic What If (Marvel) and Elseworlds (DC) against the premise of Superman. It's not new with comic books, but in the world of cinema, unique contributions can be made, especially in the horror + science fiction genre.

Brightburn is the name of a small city that is like a reflection of Smallville, while Tori Breyer (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle Breyer (David Denman) are clearly made based on a Kent couple. The two couples both lived in the farmhouse, while expecting to be blessed with an unspoken generation, until one night the spaceship landed with a baby boy inside. Given the name Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn), he grows into a quiet, sweet, and intelligent boy. Until puberty comes.

Like most children, reaching puberty, Brandon began to be attracted to the opposite sex, acting at school, and fighting parents. But when normal kids "stalk" the ideal girl via social media, Brandon literally stalks by suddenly appearing in her room. When other kids fight, Brandon crushes his wrists, pierces his eyeballs, or smashes someone else's jaw while wearing a red robe and a hideous mask.

The smartest aspect of the script is not the modification of the hero (villain) story, but rather its application to family life. Tori was well aware that her adopted son was suspicious, but like the majority of mothers, she was staunchly defending Brandon, denying all the bitter facts exposed before her eyes ... until it was too late.

Treating Tori, Elizabeth Banks blows emotions into the Brightburn family element as a mother who refuses to blame her son. That attitude can be understood since Brandon is the answer to his prayer after all this time. While Jackson A. Dunn, armed with gazes that over time became increasingly empty and speech that slowly grew colder, able to revive the figure of "demon boy" is different. Instead of having supernatural abilities, this one demon boy can shoot lasers from his eyes.

The superhero story element brings freshness to the horror genre as director David Yarovesky (The Hive) replaces imageries in the form of spirits peeking out from the darkness with super assassins hovering while spying on their prey. Even thanks to Brandon's ability to fly as fast as a jet, Yarovesky had the opportunity to assemble a number of unique jump scares without losing effectiveness. Brandon Power is also credited with offering a row of methods of killing full of creativity, while not forgetting the thirst of spectators seeking sadism through explicit violence.

The gore line is the right kind of redemption after the coming-of-age-style drama exposure that is rolling quite slowly. Although it is slow, there is no empty filler or time wasted, because every moment always shows new things about character development. Slowly but surely, Brandon grew, as a result when Brightburn began to open his "hell's gate", we have observed the process of transforming characters completely. Plus the conclusions that open up the possibility of the birth of an interesting franchise about a group of supervillains, Brightburn has the potential to give us something that failed to be given by M. Night Shyamalan through Glass at the beginning of the year.

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