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Uploaded by: louiee
Date: 2020-05-20 07:51:24
Viewed: 30 times - 10 hour, 11 minute, 41 second ago

Based on the true story of the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers on Flannan Island, despite being able to develop psychological drama narratives properly, The Vanishing (having the initial title Keepers) failed to reach its potential due to choosing a simple approach tending to cliches about the story of greed, fear, and guilt, which pushed its character into the abyss of insanity.

I need to warn, do not expect high-octane thriller, because The Vanishing is a slow chanting, especially before the main conflict. We are introduced to three protagonists: Thomas (Peter Mullan), who has 25 years experience in guarding a lighthouse and has just lost his wife; James (Gerard Butler) a strong man with a happy family; and Donald (Connor Swindells) the new worker. They had to spend six weeks living on the remote island of Flannan.

The Vanishing first explained everyday in Flannan, which interestingly can be made into a separate film with a unique thriller touch, when their activities are filled with dangerous jobs such as repairing lighthouse lights, or unnatural scenes when in the morning dozens of gulls scattered outside the lighthouse. These are the careful decisions of two screenwriters, Celyn Jones (Set Fire to the Stars) and Joe Bone, to keep the film in the thriller corridor before the main menu is presented.

Once upon a time we will see the casual interactions of the three main characters, showing that isolated life does not prevent these men from laughing and doing silly things to pass the time. But for the film it's not just a time filler, but an important aspect to compare their mental condition, before and after the "event".

Everything began when Donald found a man lying in a ravine. Next to him lay a chest, which was revealed to contain gold bars. James and Donald want to split it evenly, but Thomas is worried if someone else appears looking for the gold. Thomas's hunch was proven, even though there was one thing he didn't predict. What is the most dangerous threat is not coming from outside, but in: Psychic turmoil of the three of them.

As already mentioned, The Vanishing is quite good at building psychological drama. There is a strong reason behind the collapse of the character's mental foundation. But considering the legendary mystery that surrounds the source of his inspiration, this film has chosen the poor path of creativity, which stripped the excitement of the process of seeking answers. Once The Vanishing revealed its perspective, I lost interest, especially after being patient through the slow tempo with only a handful of neat moments, the majority of which came from the ranks of the players.

All three actors present a convincing process of mental degradation, but Butler is most pleasant to watch. When the outer physical appearance is as sturdy as ever, Butler exhales psychic fragility in James. Once he completely "fell", the sharp eyes turned blank, while the thick beard that had been associated with virility became a symbol of the chaos of a human heart.

Melakoni debut big screen, directing Kristoffer Nyholm is actually not bad. When our first three lighthouse guards met face-to-face with uninvited guests, Nyholm was able to create intense chat through the use of close-ups and tempo games. Likewise the cinematography directed by Jørgen Johansson (Flame & Citron, Terribly Happy, Prague) gives us an atmospheric feel when both parties, after realizing their intentions, watch each other from a distance between the silence of the night that is approaching. Unfortunately, again alluring moments above only appear occasionally.

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