Power Grab The Liberal Scheme To Undermine Trump The Gop And Our Republic By Jason Chaffetz

Power Grab: The Liberal Scheme To Undermine Trump, The GOP, And Our Republic By Jason Chaffetz

Power Grab: The Liberal Scheme To Undermine Trump, The GOP, And Our Republic By Jason Chaffetz

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A New York Times Bestseller.

How much damage will the Democrats do to our republic in the name of saving it?

In the years he served on and eventually chaired the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Jason Chaffetz gained crucial insight into the inner workings of D.C. Things were bad then, but during the Trump administration, liberals have reached a new level of hysteria and misconduct.

Democrat anger has grown so irrational that it has burst through the constitutional guardrails which protect our institutions and our republic. While they constantly label the right “fascist,” the left imposes policies which suppress speech, limit freedom, and empower federal bullies.

In Power Grab, Chaffetz pulls back the curtain on the world of hypocrisy, political intrigue, and procedural malfeasance that is Washington D.C. With stories you won't read anywhere else, he shows how the left weaves false narratives, drums up investigations in search of a crime, and refuses to direct congressional oversight towards its appropriate target: the government. Democrats weaponize nonprofit advocacy groups and monetize partisan anger to line the pockets of their political allies. They use “voter enrollment” as a smokescreen to hide their plans to destabilize free elections and seek to politicize federal agencies like the Federal Election Commission, the IRS, and the Department of Justice.

It shouldn’t be this way. Democrats have abandoned the wisdom set forth in the Constitution for short-term political wins. Power Grab shows the lengths to which Democrats will go to maintain their grip on power, and how the only thing that will stop them is a return to our founding principles.


Editorial Reviews


“In Power Grab, Jason Chaffetz takes us along his path toward a disturbing realization. Even as a seasoned political insider, he was taken aback by the post-Trump American reality in which news was quickly replaced by political theatre and little was as it appeared to be. An organic town hall meeting? It’s co-opted through a highly-organized and potentially dangerous scheme to control the narrative. Altruistic-sounding nonprofits? They’re actually creations intended to obscure donors and questionable motives. Chaffetz exposes a seedy world where a dizzying concoction of players work to manipulate the message— and we’re the target. In Power Grab, there are lessons for all of us, if we are willing to open our eyes.” (Sharyl Attkisson)

“Power Grab will leave you wanting more. Long after you’ll be thinking about the implications of what Jason Chaffetz reveals in this stunning new account of Washington D.C. politics. Readers will never again take Democratic narratives at face value. The duplicity, the hypocrisy, and the flippancy with which they sacrifice the very foundational elements of our government must be fought on every level.” (Sara A. Carter)

“Jason Chaffetz has consistently been in the fight and understands first hand just how power hungry the Democrats have become. Chaffetz lays out the case for how and why Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and their minions will do and say just about anything to tear down and smear hard-working, patriotic Americans that oppose their unrelenting desire to control our lives and press forward with their far-left agenda.” (Sean Hannity)

About the Author

Jason Chaffetz is an American politician and Fox News contributor. He was elected as a U.S. Representative from Utah in 2008 after spending 16 years in the local business community. When he left Congress in 2017, he was the chairman of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.


#Nearly a year and counting, that is the length of time I have been reading books about the political climate in our country. My goal has been to try and figure out the reason for the hostility and downright hatred that, I feel, has developed. I admit I am getting older (in my 70’s now) but I don’t recall seeing or hearing anything like this previously. So, I read to broaden my knowledge and try and determine the cause for this hatred. One other thing is that I am a retired USN Chief Petty Officer and disrespect to our President (or the country) was never a thought that entered my mind.

This book is the second one I have read by Mr. Chaffetz. The first one was 'The Deep State..." and was the starting point for me to read more....I do trust him and his credentials are impeccable including his experience as Former Congressman and also Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Yes, I do trust what he writes, without a doubt of any kind.

As stated in the blurb some of the topics covered concerned the 'false narratives, the investigations in search of a crime, and voter enrollment'. For me, as a citizen, the polices which suppress speech were painful to read. I was also disgusted to read about the manner in which freedoms are attempted to be limited. Topics are indeed wide ranging and diverse.

I was truly surprised to read how 'shady' the workings in DC are...I knew it but my goodness, some of these are incredible...including an overheard conversation on a train between Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, shortly after the 2018 midterm elections. He already had two strategies in place that concerned how to build an investigation around an outcome;...This concerned Brett Kavanaugh. There is a lot of information concerning this hearing included and some is new to me. The question of impeaching President Trump is also covered in detail...

Another one which caught my eye was a couple of instances with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. I didn't realize that when a new Chair took over that that person has the option to reorganize that committee...Well, in this particular case, Senator Cummings actually changed the name and took out the word 'government'.. Interesting and mind=boggling. The second one concerning this committee is that a rule was changed...now when a deposition if taken, a member of Congress does not have to be present. I foresee a lot of testimony being taken in the future... And, two new committees were formed...one on the Environment and another one on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties...Interesting for the future election, I believe.

What I took away from reading this excellent book was that there must be a protection of power. People must be willing to do their part and be part of the solution. We have the Constitution, we have the Bill of Rights Be careful, be very careful when listening to the narrative of the left. It definitely is a plan thought out a long time in advance.

Found this book to be extremely well written with facts to back up the author's points. As he states at the end, 'get involved, engaged and educated'.

Most highly recommended. And, I am glad that I purchased this and have it on my Kindle for future reference.

#There were a lot of facts in “Power Grab” that I already knew (though I usually subscribe to the saying that it is always good to be reminded of what you know. There are also items that I was not aware of, and seeing them all in one spot can be enlightening as well as scary.

Former U.S. Representative (and former Democrat) Jason Chaffetz pulls no punches laying out his discussion points concerning the political battle for the future of America. After laying out the groundwork of what has already happened, he begins to describe the Democratic plans as we head into the election year of 2020. He states: “We want our nation to be strong. That’s why America elected a disruptive and unconventional president.” Chaffetz believes that we will experience political obstruction in order for Democrats to recover the presidency. He also recognizes that the folks who will ultimately pay for this gridlock and polarization will be the American public.

A chapter-long examination of the 116th Congress H.R. 1 reveals issues that range from a violation of separation of powers to elimination of states’ rights. A personal trip through the bill reveals a strange passage allowing 16-year-olds to register to vote (although the next section wants us to understand that this doesn’t mean the state has to allow the 16-year-old to vote – but then why go through the process when many 18-year-olds have moved just when they become eligible to vote?). Chaffetz ends the chapter by reviewing the ten priority bills that Democrats will introduce in their quest to grab and cement more power.

Other chapters are just as interesting. “Oversight Without Government Reform” is a reference to the change of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to the committee on Oversight and Reform, with the implication that the focus will now be on the private sector. This is bad timing, as an earlier chapter graphed how Democratic charities have found a way to contribute massive amounts of money to Democratic political coffers (similar efforts by Republicans are also detailed, although the Dems are currently millions and millions ahead). The deception of the American public is nothing short of appalling.

Throughout the book I questioned Mr. Chaffetz, but each time I did, my personal research revealed that his statements could be backed up by other sources. While the book is written from the right side of the political aisle, I am not comfortable with the potential of Pelosi and company grabbing power, based upon what has already been done and what their own words say about where they want to take this country. Mr. Chaffetz outlines and describes the potential outcome. Five stars.

Power Grab, Jason Chaffetz