Review Immortal Born By Lynsay Sands

Review: Immortal Born By Lynsay Sands

Review: Immortal Born By Lynsay Sands

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A young woman who’s taken responsibility for an immortal child finds safety, friendship, and love when the Argeneau clan realizes she’s in danger and takes her under their wing.

When Allie Chambers befriended her neighbor Stella, she never expected that the woman would be a vampire and wind up dead or that Allie would take de facto custody of Stella’s infant son. Four years later, Allie is practically dying trying to keep Liam alive, since he’s a vampire too and she’s giving him her own blood. She’s also been running from the vampires who were hunting Stella, who find her wherever she goes. In desperation, she tries to rob a blood bank, but she faints and is arrested, then is tracked both by her usual pursuers and by the Argeneau family, who track rogue immortals. They quickly realize how little she knows about her son’s legacy and how vulnerable she is. Taking Allie and Liam into their protection opens the door for Magnus, a 1,000-year-old immortal, to explain the truth of immortals and woo her as his life mate even as the Argeneau rogue hunters realize that the person who’s tracking Allie is a villainous enemy they’ve been seeking for centuries and that he wants Liam. Sands’ latest is typical Argeneau fare, with a slight twist in a human foster mother. Magnus is ultrasexy, and Allie is smart and spunky. But it’s disappointing when so much plot depends on ostensibly intelligent people doing dimwitted things—Allie never figures out that she actually has a tracker on her; the Argeneaus are on lockdown but fail to check people coming to the door, etc. Also, Liam is 4 but talks like an 8-year-old.

A paranormal romance that asks readers to suspend disbelief a tad too much.


Lynsay Sands immerses readers in the complex and exciting world of bloodsucking vampires in Immortal Born and leaves them breathless for more.

The 30th book in the Argeneau series, Immortal Born introduces us to Allie Chambers, who is in a predicament. Allie has promised to raise and protect her friend’s son who has an insatiable appetite for blood. As Liam grows, so does his hunger, and Allie decides to take a desperate chance to give him what he needs. When her plan to rob a blood bank to feed her growing son goes awry, Allie is suddenly introduced to one of the most handsome men she has ever met: Magnus Bjarnesen. As Allie may be Magnus’ potential lifemate, he’s not sure what surprises him more—the amount of danger Allie and Liam are in, or how badly he wants her.

Sands’ effortless character creation leaves no stone unturned as she spells out the sprawling world of the immortals and their history. With this modern take on vampire lore, Allie and Magnus become as believable and relatable as any other romantic leads. Allie is a modern-day heroine thrown into the confusing world of immortals. Readers will have no trouble identifying with Allie as she faces difficult choices and displays a refreshing, no-nonsense attitude toward survival. When faced with the ultimate choice to protect Liam, and put her heart on the line in more ways than one, Allie weighs the options with a clarity and relatability that comes from thorough character building.

Magnus and his family of vampires, who prefer to be called immortals, are warm and inviting when his and Allie’s worlds are thrown together. Readers will revel in Sands’ expert, slow build of the couple’s chemistry as Allie finds herself more curious about Magnus with each passing day, and as Magnus struggles with his own desire.

The intimate moments between these two characters make this book shine and romantic sparks fly. Immortal Born is a take on the vampire genre grounded in emotional realism that allows readers to imagine themselves in the characters’ shoes with ease.

Immortal Born, Lynsay Sands