The Titanic Secret By Clive Cussler And Jack Du Brul

The Titanic Secret By Clive Cussler And Jack Du Brul

The Titanic Secret By Clive Cussler And Jack Du Brul

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When Isaac Bell attempts to decipher the forbidding deaths of nine men, he encounters a secret so powerful it could dictate the fate of the world in this riveting thriller by the #1 New York Times-bestselling author.

A century apart, NUMA Director Dirk Pitt and detective Isaac Bell team up to unlock the truth about the most famous maritime disaster of all time.

In the present day, Pitt makes a daring rescue from inside an antiquated submersible in the waters off New York City. His reward afterwards is a document left behind a century earlier by legendary detective Isaac Bell–a document that re-opens a historical mystery…

In 1911, in Colorado, Isaac Bell is asked to look into an unexplained tragedy at Little Angel Mine, in which nine people died. His dangerous quest to answer the riddle leads to a larger puzzle centered on byzanium, a rare element with extraordinary powers and of virtually incalculable value. As he discovers that there are people who will do anything to control the substance, Isaac Bell will find out just how far he’ll go to stop them.

About the Author

Clive Cussler is the author or coauthor of more than 50 previous books in five best-selling series, including Dirk Pitt, NUMA Files, Oregon Files, Isaac Bell, and Sam and Remi Fargo. His nonfiction works include Built for AdventureThe Classic Automobiles of Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt, plus The Sea Hunters and The Sea Hunters II. They describe the true adventures of the real NUMA, which, led by Cussler, searches for lost ships of historic significance. With his crew of volunteers, Cussler has discovered more than 60 ships, including the long lost Confederate ship Hunley. He lives in Arizona.

About the Author

Jack Du Brul became a #1 New York Times–bestselling author by cowriting Clive Cussler’s fan-favorite Oregon series, which has become a fan favorite. Du Brul is also the writer of the bestselling novels featuring Philip Mercer. Du Brul lives in Vermont with his wife. 


steve said: I wonder how many of the links to Raise the Titanic will be lost on newer readers. This book stands on its own, but it made me nostalgic for the original, so early in the Pitt series. I think I'll have to revisit it next. Actually, that makes me wonder... will this book have a noticeable impact on the sales of Raise the Titanic? Hmmm....

Fred Rayworth : The Titanic Secret is an Isaac Bell adventure which, at its core, is a takeoff on Raise The Titanic. It is sort of an origin story on how the McGuffin element, byzanium ended up on the Titanic.

It starts and ends with Dirk Pitt, but the core of the story is the Isaac Bell adventure, told to Pitt through a journal he’s reading.

This one is co-authored by Jack Du Brul, another author in the same vein, who I’ve liked for a long time until his last solo book, which he ruined by getting a bit too political. Oh well, he does a great job on this one.

I’ve always enjoyed the Bell offshoot of Clive’s adventure series. This one was no exception. With plenty of twists and turns, the only thing really missing was humor. The story was grim, and needed to be, given the plot.

The writing was mostly top-notch, with solid third-person, past-tense. While there was some head-hopping, it wasn’t to the point that it jerked me out of the story.

The pace was the usual fast with a brisk narrative that got to the point without meandering.

Overall, while this was darker than some Cussler offerings, it was still a fun ride.

Some will probably complain about the title and the representation of said ship in the story. To me, I didn’t really care. It tied in with the original story just fine. I waited all that time for Isaac to finally tie in with the infamous White Star liner, and when it happened, it just worked, at least for me.

Highly recommended.

Theresa : A dual story involving both Isaac Bell and Dirk Pitt. The majority of the story is from Isaac Bell’s POV. Dirk Pitt just has brief scenes at both the beginning and end of the book.

In 1911 Isaac Bell investigates a suspicious tragedy at a mine near Denver which leads him to a rare ore found in a mine on a remote island in Northern Russia.

Through the years, Bell has been involved in many secret and/or sensitive cases. Because of this, he sealed the various case files and upon his death entrusted then into the care of a reputable law firm to be delivered at specific times to specific people. Through a quirk of fate and circumstances, Dirk Pitt is given a journal from Bell about some ore that had been aboard the Titanic.

Footnote: 1) I love the detailed explanation on the construction and use of the early diving equipment.

2) Question. I like to follow routes on Google maps as I read and found something odd on the route back. After recovering the ore they were supposed to go to Aberdeen, Scotland to drop it off. But the Captain says he’d turned ‘south along the Norway coast’. Aberdeen is directly west of Novaya Zemlya, so why did they turn south at Norway? That’s going away from Aberdeen.

Fave scenes: Isaac and Tony abruptly leaving the mine, ‘racing’ through the sewer tunnels, the polar bear attack and changing trucks in Birmingham.

The Titanic Secret, Clive Cussler, Jack Du Brul